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List of companies collecting your Personal Data Most (Facebook, Uber, and more)

The online World in other words is Privacy. This means in the digital era your Data is one of the most expensive things online. But many companies forget about that motto of privacy, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other popular and non-popular platforms are collecting your personal data.

Here is a complete list of companies’ images collecting your personal data shown in image number wise.

Image Credit: PCMAG/HABytes

Now you think, I don’t have any personal data which if the leak doesn’t mean much loss for me. But the thing is it’s not your data like pass, name, number and etc.

But now many online platforms want to capture your physical appearances like capturing images and audio, video is a sign that many companies are copying your physical appearance.

For example, every time you open an Instagram filter or Tiktok they track your facial movements and build a picture of your likeness. Many non-geeks don’t understand this big issue but who knows some knowledge about privacy it is the biggest threat to us.

Because our information is stored in companies’ servers, if any time server is hacked and data is leaked and if a hacker sells this data on Dark Web, for Political Purposes and others, this is going to be the issue.

Image Credit: Clario/HABytes

No doubt, Facebook is top of the list for collecting your personal data. It recommends your friends, post and the most crucial thing is ADS. Ads are the only way Facebook is running and Facebook somehow use data to improve ad experience which is completely fine but it’s not ended here. Facebook uses this data for also other illegal purposes, many lawsuits are filed against Facebook many times.

Just think how much these companies know about you! Just Think.

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