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JBL Tune 225TWS Review: Best Alternative to Airpods

HA Bytes Says…


  • Best alternative to Airpods
  • Good sound quality
  • Durable design


  • Doesn’t include an in-ear seal

The JBL Tune 225TWS earbuds are a decent option for those looking for a cheap pair of true wireless earbuds. They have a nice design and come with a charging case, but they lack some features that would make them truly great. Additionally, the fit can be uncomfortable for some people, and the earbuds themselves lack some frills like touch controls or adaptive noise cancellation. All in all, they’re decent earbuds, but there are better options out there if you’re willing to spend a bit more money.

We’re living in the modern era of technology where most of the items and tools we use are wireless or portable, allowing you to move around without worrying about tangled cables. Nowadays, most devices, including our headphones or earbuds, are also integrated with wireless technology. This Bluetooth technology offers you a high-speed, low-power consuming wireless link; designed to connect your phones or other portable devices within no time.

In this era of comfort-seeking people, this wireless technology has made Bluetooth earbuds a staple for them. These wireless earbuds offer the same sound quality as your corded earbuds or headphones and compete with infrared technology with its advanced practicality. Most people usually rely on these wireless earbuds; for enjoying excellent sound quality, watching movies, listening to calls while driving, and much more.  

If you’re dying to buy the best wireless earbuds, it might be difficult for you as many options are available on the market. So, you may get confused about which one is suitable for you and perfectly fits your lifestyle. Every headphone manufacturer sells their product in generic models and brands them so fake that customers buy them. Moreover, all wireless earbuds aren’t equal; some excellent products are genuinely dreadful ones.

If you’re looking for a valuable wireless earbud, then you’re at the right place as in this article, I’m going to review the top-tier JBL Tune 225 TWS that surely fits your style. So, let’s have a glance at this informational review:

How much does JBL Tune 225TWS cost?

You’ll get these cost-friendly earbuds with more advantageous features for just $99.95, which equals ¬£99.99 and AU$179.95. They’re just mid-range wireless buds that offer you dynamic sound and many other features at a low price. But if you compare it with other cheaper rivals like Lypertek SoundFree S20 and EarFun Air, both are budget-friendly products and offer more features, including noise cancellation. Moreover, they’re also more expensive than JBL Tune 230NC, which offers; a slim-fit design, dynamic and better sound quality, noise cancellation, and much more. 


  • It doesn’t include an in-ear seal, which might make them feel harsh and uncomfortable.
  • The bass produced by these earbuds feels thin.
  • It offers an outdated Bluetooth technology 5.0
  • It is a little pricier than other high-end products. 
  • It offers Average battery life; 4h 18min per charge
  • The physical controls of these earbuds are fragile.

Inspiring Features

JBL Tune 225 TWS includes some enchanting features of this product, which are as follows:

  • It is integrated with a 12mm vigorous driver.
  • The frequency response rate of these earbuds is 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz +
  • It offers a sensitivity of around 105 dB SPL.
  • The mic. of these earbuds offers -30dBV sensitivity.
  • It offers 5.0 Bluetooth technology that is workable at a 10m distance.
  • It comes with a battery box that offers 410mAh power.
  • After one charge (2 hours), these earbud batteries can last for 5 hours. 
  • It also comes with a USB-C cable for charging its transport case.

Durable Design

As I was closely inspecting these earbuds for giving an honest JBL Tune 225 TWS review, I must say that they look pretty solid and are glued together from 4 different parts, so they can’t be broken easily. These earbuds are packed in a soft matte plastic case and a silver ring around the covering; they lack softness.

Due to this silver plastic, you might feel uncomfortable, and the earbuds might slip out due to a lack of silicon tip or wing. So, these wireless earless might not fit in your ear tightly and cause a loss of audio and noise cancellation effect; hence no strong bass will produce. Moreover, if you’re wearing these JBL Tune 225 TWS earbuds in excess sweat or dusty weather, they may get damaged as they aren’t water and dustproof. Now let’s move to its charging case; having lightweight, it feels more comforting.

Credit: To respective owner

The metal hinge offers more durability to its charging case and securely fits into its place; by providing a satisfying shut-down noise. Besides all these factors, there is another uncomfortable factor; when you push the button on each earbud, it pushes the bud deeper into your ear, which can be painful. Moreover, the long stem wearing design might disturb some people, and you must adjust them frequently. But don’t worry; here are some tips that prevent your earbuds from falling

These JBL Tune 225 TWS earbuds offer a wide range of colors for both male/female genders; blue, grey, white, black, pink, and gold. You’ll be unable to find such an eye-catching color choice in any other pair of truly wireless buds.

Sound Quality

These earbuds have excellent signature sound quality that lets you enjoy music, movies, and much more. Its sound quality lacks a bit in producing ideal bass, but it offers a balanced treble and mid; that produce detailed, clear, and enunciated lyrics and musical instrument sound. So, you can prefer these earbuds for content creation such as podcasting or audiobooks. Besides its poor noise cancellation feature, these earbuds offer an immersive, appealing, and enjoyable listening experience. 

However, before buying this product, you must note that it doesn’t offer helpful customization features and doesn’t support advanced Bluetooth codecs. If we see these earbuds concerning bass-wise features, they’re capable of generating some super strong bass; when you press them more into your ears. But when you take off your hands, the bass performance is toned down to around 70%; due to its ear tip design. Overall, these JBL earbuds shine in, offering clarity, crisp mid/highs, and vocal music. Here are some details of these JBL Tune 225 TWS earbuds’ low, mid, and high-end sound qualities.


As you can see on the Tune 225 box, there is written that these earbuds offer “Pure Bass.” But after critically listening sessions with these earbuds, I must say that they don’t offer a strong response most of the time. However, you can’t judge this product’s bass while listening to traditional music. Also, the low-end sound lacks impressive punch or feel and comes off very little. But in bass-focused music, this tonality lack becomes more apparent because these earbuds don’t show smoothness on the low end. They don’t offer those soft, growling feels that make a real music treat, but they’re well-balanced on their own.


I can’t deny that there’s a lack in mid-end, due to which sound performances will never feel impressive. However, at this point, you’ll see surprising explicit vocal ranges due to the band’s sound spaciously high along with a tight accuracy. Moreover, vocals separation makes these earbuds produce the highest fidelity sound received by the user despite other instrumental elements that produce thin sound and lacks strong power.


These JBL Tune 225 TWS earbuds offer remarkable rich highs. However, on the other hand, they lack an energetic feel, so the proper response doesn’t feel smooth. You may also face some rough and sharp frequencies while listening to music at higher bands. Despite all these flaws, the sound of a female singer like Shakira will be vibrant and more cheerful than ever. 

Microphone Quality

Suppose you’re looking for a budget-friendly pair of earbuds that offers good quality mic recording. If you record a speech using these earbuds, the recording sounds pretty straightforward and natural. There will be no sound distortion so you can use these earbuds as a good pair for your essential voice calls. The long stem of these earbuds quickly picks up your voice. Suppose you’re still not satisfied with the microphone performance of these earbuds.

In that case, you can go onto the Headphones Addict website, where there is a short-recorded voice note using these earbuds microphones. But after listening to the voice note, you might think that there is too much noise behind. So, as you know, these JBL Tune 225 TWS earbuds don’t offer noise cancellation. You must try to call in a quiet place so the sound won’t be distorted. So, I don’t recommend these earbuds for your online business conferences. For such cases, I recommend you to check out the JBL Elite 85t, offering appealing call quality and clear and understandable voice sounds. 

How to control JBL Tune 225 TWS device?

JBL Tune 225TWS buds have buttons at the front for an effortless user experience. These buttons can also control different functions such as attending calls, pausing music, activating the buds’ voice assistant, switching on/off the device, and much more. These earbuds with pressing buttons offer much more accuracy and fewer errors than touch-sensitive competitors with gesture features.

You can easily pair these Tune 225 TWS earbuds with any of your devices like laptop, PC, TV, and much more with its Bluetooth technology 5.0 that offers 9 meters range within an urban area. Using its Google Fast Pair feature, you can also pair these earbuds quickly with any Android device. If you want to switch off these earbuds quickly, place them in their charging case.

Credit: To respective owner

Moreover, there’s an alternative in which you can manually switch off these earbuds by holding buttons in a downwards direction for a long time. Once you’ve connected these earbuds wirelessly with your device, you need to press the right button simultaneously to control the start/stop function.

However, when you press the button twice, these earbuds activate voice assistants according to your devices, such as Siri, Google Assistant, or Bixby. To select your track or move it forward, press the button on the left earbud once; while pressing the same button twice, you can move your trackback. You can quickly attend or reject your calls with a single press on both earbuds’ buttons, while if you hold the button down, it’ll switch on/off your microphone.

These earbuds also offer a single mode in which you can individually use either the left or right earbuds. But the right earbud is the default one, so you can’t navigate with it while you can still access voice assistants, control playback, and make phone calls. On the other hand, there is a limitation in these earbuds’ function; you can’t control the volume level. 

Bluetooth Technology: How to connect earbuds via Bluetooth?

These JBL Tune 225TWS earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensure stable functionality without any random interruption during your regular use. These earbuds offer 5.0 Bluetooth technology with average range and support SBC mono mode and AAC Bluetooth codec that may cause audio lag while watching videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc.

The AAC is used by default for Android, though the SBC codec works best for Android, and AAC is specially designed for iOS. Moreover, for an authentic JBL Tune 225 TWS review, I’ve tried leaving my paired device on the desk, and there was no signal interruption while walking around. However, if you change the room, the Bluetooth range will decrease, and the audio will break when you go farther than 40 feet.

To pair these earbuds with your devices, take them out of their charging case and switch on Bluetooth. Then you’ll immediately see a Google Fast Pair tag on your Android device. After clicking the okay button over the tag, your earbuds will be paired to a different device. If you want to turn Bluetooth off, hold the buttons on both earbuds for 5 seconds unless you hear a beep sound; that indicates your Bluetooth is off/on.

Battery Performance

Each earbud of JBL is integrated with a 22mA lithium-ion battery that offers five hours of listening time. Moreover, the clean and sturdy charging case is integrated with a 410mAh battery that increases your listening time up to 20 hours and allows you to charge your earbuds four times. So that’s how it gives a total of 25 hours which is worth it! As for writing this JBL Tune 225 TWS review, I’ve personally tested this earbud battery which lasts for almost 5 hours at medium volume. However, this battery timing might become short due to various factors like the high/medium volume. 

Credit: To respective owner

Wrap Up!

After reading this JBL Tune 225 TWS review, you’ve got all information regarding comfortable earbuds. Regardless of its flaw, if you’re a JBL fan, you can purchase these affordable earbuds that easy-to-use, handy, well-designed, and offers rich sound. Moreover, if you’re still unsatisfied with this product, you can check our FAQs section for more products. Also, you can buy all colors of these earbuds from the Amazon website.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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