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Is It Illegal to Share Your Netflix Password? Federal Law or What?

Netflix is becoming a popular entertainment source for those who want to enjoy movies while sitting on the sofa or bed. However, the Netflix service might be a little expensive for many subscribers. So, people prefer sharing their Netflix passwords with friends and family members to reduce costs.

Yet, it’s technically not allowed to share Netflix passwords, but most viewers didn’t care. But last spring, news broke that Netflix was planning to crack those people’s accounts who were sharing Netflix passwords; this made everyone worried. Luckily it was fake news. After this false news, most people started asking whether it is illegal to share Netflix passwords. But nobody knows the correct answer; some say it’s not legal. However, some say you would be in trouble if you shared your Netflix password.

No need to worry, as in this article, we’re going to elaborate on this question; is it illegal to share your Netflix password? So, if you want to know the answer, then continue to read this informative article:

Does the law is against sharing Netflix passwords?

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act designed a federal law to prevent computer-based fraud due to sharing passwords. However, streaming services like Netflix weren’t explicitly named in that ruling. But password sharing was still considered a federal crime, and if you share your password, it means you’re breaking federal laws. But luckily, no one is prosecuted for sharing their Netflix password or the other streaming services’ passwords. Moreover, you won’t suffer any legal consequences for sharing your Netflix password. 

Does Netflix allow you to share the password?

When you create an account on Netflix and agree to the Terms of Services, the fifth point in that contract is about passwords and account access. This point states that you should never disclose your account’s password or payment method details to anyone.

After agreeing with the Terms of Services, Netflix states, “We’ll terminate or suspend your account to protect you if we identify any theft or fraudulent activity.” So, according to this statement, sharing your Netflix password will be against the company’s terms of conditions. And if by any mistake you get caught, your account might get suspended or terminated. 

Netflix company is testing new features that allow you to add more users by adding more Netflix screens. These multiple screens allow users to share their existing profiles with different accounts. Moreover, your entire family can enjoy Netflix entertainment via these screens. But still, Netflix doesn’t allow you to share a password between different families as it might cause trouble for you.

What will happen on sharing a Netflix password?

As mentioned above, no one has been prosecuted for sharing their Netflix password. So, it’s more likely that you won’t face any legal issues or jail time. However, if it catches you, Netflix can terminate or hold your account by sharing a password. Moreover, sharing your Netflix password with more people might be problematic for you as if you share your password with more people, your account will become more likely to get hacked. So, don’t share your password with others if you want to protect your account from getting hacked.

Wrap Up!

After reading the detail mentioned above, it is clear that sharing your Netflix password isn’t illegal. Yet it’s against Netflix’s “Terms of Conditions,” and if you accidentally get caught, your account might be terminated by Netflix.

However, there’s much chance you won’t suffer any consequences for sharing your account password. But always keep this thing in your mind; rules can be changed anytime, and it might be possible in the future to share a Netflix password will be strictly prohibited.

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