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iPhone 13 Pro Max Review: Ultimate Beast of Performance

HA Bytes Says…


  • Excellent camera quality
  • Has beast battery life
  • Outstanding performance
  • Has 120Hz motion screen


  • You can’t do 2x zoom optically
  • Expensive

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a phone with best cameras, 120Hz display and longer battery life. It’s practically perfect for those who care most about screen size or charged capacity.

While looking for android mobile, you may look for a long-lasting battery time, high-quality front and back camera pixels, best screen time, and much more. But not all android companies offer such pretty features that you wish at an affordable or even high price. Yet the price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max might be high for you, but if you can afford this product, you must buy it as it offers the most advantageous features.

This year, Apple will introduce a bubblegum-colored iPhone 13 Pro Max similar to the iPhone rose gold but this time without the metallic sheen.

I’ve summarized iPhone 13 Pro Max review for you in this article so that if you buy this product, you’ll get to know all the authentic information on HA Bytes. Now let’s continue to read this article to see the incredible features of this product:

According to my survey for this iPhone 13 Pro Max review, Apple has confirmed that they will release their iPhone 13 Pro Max on September 14, and you’ll be able to buy this product on the market from September 24. Moreover, it’ll be the most expensive iPhone, so you must have deep pockets to buy this product.

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The lowest price model of this iPhone 13 Pro Max is 128GB storage, which costs $1,099, which equals £1,049, and AU$1,849. Its 256GB model will costs $1,199 which equals £1,149 and AU$2,019. Also, the 512GB model will costs $1,399 which equals £1,349, and AU$2,369. While the most expensive of all these models will be the 1TB, which costs $1,599, which equals £1,549, and AU$2,719. Apple hasn’t introduced 1TB storage space till its whole lineup; that’s why it costs you so much.

So, think before buying such high storage that whether you need that much storage or not because for most people, 512GB is mostly enough to store everything you need. Because this 1TB model is specially designed specifically for movie editors or photo/videographers who want an iPhone for editing or making 4k, for creating a huge amount of 4K videos having 60 frames (s-1), and for those who want to store 1000th of high-resolution pictures. 

Eye-catching features

In this iPhone 13 Pro Max review, you’ll learn about its eye-catching features that other android companies don’t offer. These features include:

  • It offers a display with an infinite contrast ratio.
  • It is integrated with a -24.0 LUFS loudspeaker.
  • It has a stainless-steel body frame along with Gorilla glass front and back. 
  • I come with a single SIM (nano/eSIM) and dual SIM (nano/eSIM) technology.
  • Its IP68 is dust and waterproof for up to 30 minutes till 6m.
  • It offers a 1284 x 2778 pixels resolution.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max is protected with scratch-proof ceramic glass and an oleophobic film coating.
  • It is integrated with a 5nm chipset of Apple A15 Bionic.
  • It comes with a Hexa-core CPU having 6.46 GHz Avalanche and 7.28 GHz Blizzard.
  • The GPU of this iPhone is Apple GPU having 5-core graphics.
  • It has a dual-LED, dual-color flashlight, and HDR views for photos or panoramas.
  • This iPhone is integrated with the latest software of iOS (iOS 15) that allows you to use your face ID even if you’re wearing a black mask.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Sleek and Sturdy Design

We’ve compiled the massive and minor changes in its design, including a stainless-steel outer band that was first introduced in the previous year on the iPhone 12 series. The design of this iPhone 13 Pro Max mimics the prior series of iPad Pro, but even after a whole year, the curved back, which can be seen in the previous models of iPhone (first on the iPhone 6), was still missing in this design. However, the stainless-steel edges look sharper than previous models and offer more grip to your mobile.  

Now, if we speak about how comfortable this iPhone 13 Pro Max to hold, then this massive handset might be a flop for those with small hands. Because we’ve noticed that its massive shape might be uncomfortable to tap on the screen, you have to stretch your fingers a bit to tap on the icons. But if you’re looking for an iPhone with a long-lasting battery, your fingers will get used to this larger handset over time. Opposite the charger connector, there is a speaker and earpiece at the base of the phone at the bottom of this iPhone, producing massive sound effects while watching movies or listening to your favorite music list.

Image Credit: Tomsgudie

iPhone 13 Pro Max has shiny and steel-based edges and a full front screen that protects it from scratches proves to be a worthwhile investment. Moreover, the magnetic connection MagSafe at the rear of this latest iPhone 13 Pro Max enables wireless connection of chargers and other accessories, making it a more high-selling product than other iPhone series. So, you can easily slip your iPhone on a round metal wireless charging disc, and you’ll see the phone start getting charged instantly.

High-Quality Display

The huge upgrade to Pro Max is its latest Gorilla glass and ProMotion display. Its 6.7-inch Gorilla glass panel offers a more significant refresh rate of around 10-120Hz, offering fast app performance and smooth animation display. However, some apps didn’t support a 120Hz refresh rate, but the latest iOS 15.4 update allows you to enjoy a 120Hz refresh rate by offering third-party apps. 

It has a top-tier OLED display mobile that offers rich colors even in dim light scenes and Dolby Vision playback for watching movies with extravagance, detail, and clarity. Another advantage of this iPhone 13 Pro Max is its enhanced screen brightness which shows an average of 837 nits with auto brightness off while 1,038 nits with auto brightness on. This brightness level is much better than the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which shows maximum brightness of around 821 nits.

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I tried it by myself while watching James Bond’s No Time to Die; I can see the finest detail and even weird fissures in Rami Malek’s face that was transformed for the movie. Moreover, this OLED offers brightness adjustment according to daylight if you’re reading, using Netflix, playing games, or editing snaps in bright sunlight. Also, most of you get irritating by the iPhone’s notch, which is now 20% smaller than other Apple series, so it’ll make your Netflix display more impressive. 

High-megapixels camera: Makes everything clear

Let’s read the exciting section of this review to learn more about its main camera changes. The wide-angle camera of this iPhone has a 12MP sensor and around 1.9μm pixels on the bigger sensor so that it can absorb more excellent light than any other iPhone can. When these pixels combine with an f/1.5 aperture, it allows you to capture extraordinary pictures even in low light. Moreover, the 12MP Ultra-Wide sensor combines with Apple’s Night Mode feature, allowing you to take eye-catching photos even in pitch-black areas. 

The Telephoto lens used for zooming into distant objects is also upgraded so that you can zoom in 3X to magnify distant images instead of editing it on various apps and making the shot grainier. 

Macrophotography mode

You’ll see a pivotal change to the camera setup that offers the latest macro photography mode, which becomes active instantly when the phone moves closer to a subject. Moving the camera closer to the picture becomes a blur, but this macro mode allows you to click ultra-close, stunning snaps without causing any blurriness. 

Day and Night mode

The rear camera sensors of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are updated to show stunning results even in dim light. The dim-light shots produce a clear, sharp, bright, and small number of grains; they are the best low-light shots ever. The latest LiDAR function uses laser light to focus the surfaces and offers exceptional stabilized images.

This means the autofocus feature is superb and provides brighter, high-definition photos than the object looks in real life. On the other hand, the Night Mode becomes active when you want to take a snap in the evening/night and gives you incredible shots. However, there’s an issue with this multi-lens feature; in dim light, when you’re using the telephoto lens instead of the optical sensor, it returns to the primary wide camera and crops your picture. 

Samsung S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Test (Mrwhosetheboss)

Photo style feature

Photographic Styles modes with five current programmed settings include; standard, rich contrast, vibrant, warm, and cool. These modes will make your image more luminous, and you can alter the temperature color. This feature is similar to the DSLRs’ photo styling feature and adds a new layer of enhancement to your captured pictures. 

Cinematic mode feature

Another new feature of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is Cinematic Mode, which includes the ‘rack focus’ option; the area in which the viewer focuses is automatically enhanced to draw the viewer’s attention. Suppose the leading character in your movie stops speaking or looking at somebody else.

In that case, the focus will turn towards them and dim the original speaker’s voice to make your movie experience more vibrant. If you feel that someone speaking doesn’t sound crisp enough, you can change the focus after the movie has been captured in the on-phone editing suite. This feature isn’t designed especially for professionals so that the rack focus is automatically adjusted when shooting a movie. Still, it’ll appear on all the iPhone 13 series to make it a daily use feature for everyday users. 

Portrait feature

More enhancing portrait mode feature refines the background by blurring the picture on both the front and back cameras. The main elements of the Portrait mode have been upgraded; the lighting effect has become more natural, and the depth of the out-of-focus background has been improved to focus the edges of the picture. Compared with the 11 Pro Max, this feature only works out with 1x or 3x zoom to capture a perfect shot, while in this iPhone 13 Pro Max, we’ve to move the camera back and forth continuously to click the ideal image. On the other hand, the 12 Pro Max can work with this mode on 2.5x zoom.

ProRaw feature

After a long time, the ProRAW feature is returned on this iPhone 13 Pro Max. Most phones click pictures in the JPEG format, so in this case, sometimes the images clicked by the camera auto-adjust color and contrast to make the picture pleasing to the eye. However, sometimes it also automatically compresses the picture, and most image data is discarded in this case, which leaves less flexibility for you to edit your picture.

On the other hand, many modern cameras allow you to shoot your photos in raw mode; images captured are unprocessed and uncompressed, which gives you much more flexibility to adjust the exposure, color contrast ratio, and much more. Hence this ProRAW feature offers the best formats; it gives you enhanced and edited snap because of its smarts Apple’s A15 image processor.

Moreover, it also keeps the image information. It allows you to add different effects like light exposure or sharpness to your picture in Adobe Photoshop or LightRoom according to your taste after it has been taken.

There’s also an additional ProRes; high-quality, low video compression format support allows you to make a video around 8K and is the most demanding feature throughout the mobile industry now. This support is advantageous for those who want to click/shoot advertisements, high-quality videos, or if they wish to send their edited pictures. This additional feature makes us clear that this iPhone 13 Pro Max is a step above the ‘basic’ iPhone models.

Incredible Performance

The A15 Bionic chipset inside this iPhone 13 Pro Max offers more graphics than an ordinary mobile does. The benchmarking apps score higher due to this upgradation and allow you to enjoy more features like the Cinematic mode and the ProRes support. I’ve also played countless games that work smoothly at higher frame rates and ProMotion displays. Moreover, along with this A15 Bionic, a 6GB RAM that’s 2GB larger than the regular iPhone 13 helps you store more apps for longer than the traditional iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

Image is taken from PhoneArena

Battery life and charging speed

I’ll say this phone has the perfect battery life compared to other flagship phones. With a single charge, you can use this phone for atleast two days with a moderate work level and most of the time; you’ll see that when you come back, you still have 30- 40% battery left. However, when you stream HDR content, the powerful screen of this iPhone sucks the battery life much quicker than other mobiles. With a 20w plug, you can charge Pro Max within 90 minutes, starting from 0%, and if you charge from 50%, it takes around 30 minutes. 

Cons of this product

Regardless of all these enchanting features, there are some significant issues in this iPhone that I’ve discussed in this section of the iPhone 13 Pro Max review, which are as follows:

  • You can’t do 2x zoom optically because, sadly, this function is fixed in this iPhone.
  • It is a shame that with such a high-priced mobile, Apple doesn’t bundle its charger, so you’ve to buy a fast charger for $19, which equals £19 and AU$29.
  • The notch area is still large in this iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Final verdict

After reading this iPhone 13 Pro Max, you’ll get to know all the things about this latest version. Moreover, you’ll say that this iPhone 13 Pro Max offers everything I want in a big phone. The glorious high-definition screen, unmatching battery timing, exceptional camera, and much more features at this high price won’t make you regret so what are you waiting for? You can purchase this iPhone 13 Pro Max from the Amazon website. 

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