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Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Review: Stylish and Feature Rich


  • Easy lift handles
  • Lots of function to make cooking easier
  • Inner pot can be heated on all hob types


  • Costly
  • Doesn’t have air fryer lid

The Instant Pot has been around for a long time and they are always coming out with new models. This model is different from their original design in almost every way, including safety improvements like steam release valves or heat proof handles that will keep you safe when using this electric cooker. Plus there’s enhanced features such as searable pots which allow users more information on what happens inside during cooking process while also having an easier cleanup.

As you’ve seen in your kitchens, your mothers and grandmothers use a stovetop pressure cooker for cooking beans, soups, lentils, curry, and much more. But women of this generation are scared by these stovetop pressure cookers’ whistling and safety issues. Because of this, pressure cooking can fall and blast due to obstruction in the pressure-releasing valves.

Don’t worry, as time has changed, and new electric appliances have replaced old and slow cooker appliances. Moreover, an advanced form of a stovetop pressure cooker is arrived, known as Instant cooking Pot, that makes your cooking experience fuss and hassle-free.

But most of you might be unaware of this instant pot term and don’t know how to use it and where to purchase it. This instant pot is a self-reliant, electric pressure cooker, and you can easily control it through its digital interface.

Now summer is about to be over, and you might be thinking of buying the best electric multi-cooker that can cook 3-6 meals at a time. Then these Instant Pots will be the best option and are in high demand when the schools reopen after summer vacation, so there is no time to wait and start shopping for this product as soon as possible. Moreover, it also offers various built-in safety features, and its convenient size can fit easily on your countertop.

But when you reach the market, you’ll see a variety of such instant pots, and you might be confused about which one is suitable for your cooking needs. No need to worry, as, in this Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus review, We’ve summed up all information regarding this top-tier product; its outstanding performance, convenient design, easy-to-use features, price, and much more. So, let’s dig into this review to know more about the advantageous features of this instant cooker.

In this instant pot duo Evo plus review, I’ve gathered the top-tier features that make it different from other electric pressure cooker. So, let’s check them:

  • It’s a 10-in-1 functional instant pot that can cook rice, yoghurt, sous vide, sauté vegetables, stock, steamed chicken, and bakery items. It can also be used as a food warmer.
  • It comes with an inner pot made of cookware-grade stainless-steel redesigned inner cooking pot.
  • It comes in 2 sizes; 6 Quart (suitable for small-to-medium families) and 8 Quart (suitable for medium-to-large families)
  • This energy-efficient instant pot duo Evo plus requires 110120 when it is working.
  • It is integrated with 1200 watts heating elements that cook your food within no time. 
  • It is integrated with 48 pre-cooking functions.
  • It’s also combined with new QuickCool technology that prevents it from overheating.
  • The LED display of this instant pot is broader and brighter. 
  • It also offers ten safety functions.
  • This instant pot duo Evo plus comes with a bundle of steam racks, handles, and an extra sealing ring.
  • It is integrated with two operational modes; manual and automatic.
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Convenient and durable design

This Instant pot duo Evo plus has an ideal capacity of around 5.7 litres. You can cook for a family of 4-6 persons or do batch cooking. The stainless-steel body of this instant pot looks matchless in your kitchen, though its black lid might look dirty due to food splashes or watermarks. Its previous design has a considerable fault; it emits immense steam from a standard stovetop cooker after the pressure valve is released.

But thank God for this latest technology, its plastic diffuser cover, which acts as a vent to produce less sizzling and slow cooking steam emission. This new Duo Evo Plus instant pot seals automatically when the lid is placed over it. However, in its older version, you must close the lid manually.

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Moreover, this instant pot comes with a newly designed stainless-steel inner pot with a flat base suitable to heat on any hotplate/stove. So, you can also do meat and vegetable browning before cooking them properly in this instant pot. This instant pot is taller, and I’ve found that it can quickly cook a large chicken inside it when placed vertically rather than horizontally. Suppose you’re using a traditional pressure cooker; in that case, you can’t put your chicken in a vertical position because it may disturb your oven. So, this instant pot duo Evo plus is the best cooker to cook food tender, juicy meals for your family.

Latest LED display

In this instant pot duo Evo plus review, you’ll see that the LED display offers a digital user interface. This deal-making feature makes selecting one option from 48 cooking options easier. The cooking timer is adjusted according to your food, so you don’t need to keep an eye on your food to check quickly whether the food is cooked correctly or not.

Moreover, the tilted screen of this instant pot duo Evo plus is an excellent gift for you if you’re busy in the kitchen. You can read the LED display’s timer at a glance without leaving your work. With the help of this LED display, you can easily select any one set out of the 48 settings according to your meal requirement.

Moreover, you can also select the preset cooking time and temperature for your dish and instantly cook ribs, stews, risotto, and much more within a few minutes. Not only this, but one more advantageous feature of this instant pot is that you can also do dough proofing and fermentation. With its sous vide option, you can cook your meat on low heat for a prolonged time.

Mind-blowing performance

If you’re paying a high price for an instant pot, you may also want it to cook your food faster than stovetop cookers. When I was doing this instant pot duo Evo plus review, I first noticed the time required by this instant cooker to cook a meal. So, its 1200-watt heating element helps reduce preheating time, and the QuickCool technology worked together to lessen the time of releasing pressure cook. It can cook even simple food items like rice, soups, and stews more quickly.

You don’t have to wait a long time for the pressure valve to release the heat and open the lid; however, in the case of Duo V2 7-in-1 instant pot, this process may take more than 20 minutes. The most convenient feature is its heat-resistant handles attached to the inner cooking pot, allowing you to place this electric cooker directly on your table or hold it with this handle while stirring your food. That’s how this latest instant pot makes things much easier for people with less time for cooking their meals.

This instant pot duo Evo plus multi-cooker can cook your meals 70% faster than your traditional stovetop pressure cooker. Moreover, it includes an extra sealing ring, steam rack, and handles in its bundle. You can use these additional items if these parts are worn out.

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Steam releasing feature

In this instant pot duo Evo plus review, you’ll get all information regarding its features and how to use it. So, most people might be confused at this point that when we’re making pressure-cooking food, how we can release the steam inside this instant pot? There are two options to release the steam —one option is relatively safe for beginners, and at the same time, the other might be tricky for some people. As I’m giving an honest review, I’ve found that the easiest and safest way to release steam is the “natural release” option.

However, this option might take a little longer, around 10-40 minutes, just like your regular stovetop cooker takes to cook your food. We recommend this method for cooking foods like soups, stews, chilis, beans, and grains. On the other hand, the second option is quickly releasing the steam from the “seal to vent switch” positioned on the lid of this instant pot. But make sure you leave some space around and above this instant pot while releasing the steam manually because steam comes out quickly in a thick form and may damage your hand severely.

What kind of foods can this instant pot cook?

This instant pot duo Evo plus review will let you believe that it’s not just a pressure cooker; it can also be used as a rice cooker for baking bread, fermenting yoghurts, and canning food. Here is the list of all such foods that this instant pot can cook:

  • Pressure cooking food
  • Food requires slow cook.
  • Rice cooking
  • Steaming chickens, meat, etc.
  • Sauté vegetables
  • As a food warmer to keep food hot
  • For fermenting yoghurt
  • For sterilizing and canning food
  • For making bakery items such as cakes, bread, biscuits, and much more!
  • However, its Sous Vide making feature is the most demanding restaurant-style upgrade in this instant pot duo Evo plus. Sous vide is cooked by heating the water to an optimum temperature, placing your steak into a vacuum-sealed bag, and then dropping this bag into the preheated water bath. After your steak is cooked correctly in a vacuum, you can flash it on a griller or barbecue stove to enhance its taste.
  • Moreover, you can also cook macaroni, cheesy or jerk chicken, cornbread, and much more.
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The size of this instant pot duo Evo plus isn’t heavy, so you take it on every place. Moreover, cleaning is a big issue for working ladies. This instant pot will lessen their problem as the soft rubber handles can be wiped easily. Most of its parts are dishwasher safe, except for the cooker base.

Still, the stainless-steel body of the inner pot makes it easy for you to clean it thoroughly within a few minutes. However, there is an issue with the silicone sealing ring as it picks up food odours very quickly. You must wash it thoroughly after each use to prevent your pet from getting a previous food smell that may change your food taste.

10 Safety Function

While giving this instant pot duo Evo plus review, many questions came to my mind regarding its safety issues that many of you can ask. So, for your convenience, We’ve reviewed this topic in more detail, which is as follows:

  1. Steam releasing valve function: It allows you to automatically or manually steam release valve and prevents your hands from swearing burns due to taking off the whole lid in traditional cookers.
  2. Antiblocking shield function: The stainless-steel inner layer of this pot act as an anti-blocking shield that prevents food particles from obstructing the steam-releasing pipe and thus liberates the steam safely.
  3. Safety lid locking feature: This function helps to prevent pressure-related accidents by automatically locking the cover in place when you place the top over the cooker. This lock will only open after releasing the whole pressure properly.
  4. Lid positioning function: This instant pot duo Evo plus is also integrated with a lid position detection feature which doesn’t allow the IP to start cooking unless the lid isn’t positioned well and locked in its place.
  5. Automatic Temperature Control: This instant pot’s 48- preset program has a predesigned temperature range. This instant multi-cooker system is designed to keep preset temperatures in their field.
  6. Overburn protection feature: If there’s any risk of burning food, this instant pot automatically detects it and shows a burning message on the LED screen. Lower heat output thus prevents your food from burning. 
  7. Automatic pressure controlling feature: This system is designed to check pressure levels. If the pressure is higher than you need, it will lower the pressure-building phenomenon.
  8. Electrical fuse feature: If your voltage is up and down or the current exceeds its safety limits, this process automatically removes the power to prevent a spark.
  9. Thermal fuse feature: This feature also helps to cut off the power supply when the temperature inside the pot exceeds its safety limits.
  10. Leak detection in the lid: If there is any leak, the system will detect it and stop building up pressure inside the pot. Thus, it prevents your food from burning by lowering the heat output.

Warning: If you try to open the lid forcefully, it may burst or blast due to pressure that hasn’t been released properly.

What’s the price of this product and where to buy it?

This instant pot duo Evo plus is in 2 sizes:

  • In the UK, the 6 Quart and 8 Quart models are available.
  • In the US, both the 6 Quart and 8 Quart models are available 
  • In Australia, only a 5.7 litre/ 6 Quart model is available.

You can purchase this fantastic multi-cooker in two different sizes at around $120, which equals £120, and AU$750.

Cons of this product

  • It’s a bit costlier than earlier models.
  • This instant pot duo Evo Plus doesn’t include a measuring cup in its bundle, which is the central part of making every instant pot recipe. It would be best if you bought a measuring jug or a cup to create delicious recipes.
  • It doesn’t include any air fryer lid.
  • The inner pot might be discoloured after a few months of washes.
  • It doesn’t offer WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity feature.

Final Verdict

As you’ve read this whole instant pot duo Evo plus review, you’ve got all the information regarding this convenient product. You might be impressed with this suitable Instant Pot; still, We must consider your needs before purchasing this product.

However, if you’re looking for a counter space-saving and cost-effective appliance for your kitchen, then this instant pot duo Evo plus would be worth buying for you.

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