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How to Make a Call on Discord? (Ultimate Guide of 2022)

Like Skype, Slack, and other conferencing apps, Discord is a beautiful platform that allows you to do more than just text messaging, such as video and voice calling. It also offers group-chatting for gamers and is the best app for Livestream games. The in-built video calling feature of the Discord app will let you enjoy video chats without switching between various software to chat on video with your friends or family. 

How to use Discord?

The main reason for Discord’s popularity is its cross-platform support, so you can easily use this app on your Xbox or PlayStation account. Moreover, you can easily use the Discord app on your desktop browser and even download it free from the App Store or Google Play Store. Discord is available on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Once you have installed the app, you must join a server with different channels for connecting members. Whether you join an already created server via an invite or by searching, it’s your choice. Also, you can create your new server.  

What are servers, and what do they do on Discord?

Discord Servers and channels are shown on the left side of the app or browser; however, the server members appear on the right side. A single user is allowed to join around 100 servers on Discord. You can also edit a nickname for each server that you join. You can invite a friend to the server that you join, or you can also add them. Each server can accommodate around 2.5 lakh members and is further distributed into categories and channels. Each server has 50 categories and around 500 channels.

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Making a call on Discord:

By using Discord, you can talk to people on video or voice calls by following a few quick steps. Discord offers an excellent opportunity to call multiple people at the same time together. Moreover, you can also call a single friend or multiple friends on a server. But most people who aren’t aware of Discord and its functioning might have difficulty making a call on Discord. For those people, I’ve summarized simple steps to help you make voice and video calls on Discord.

Let’s have a look at the detail to know more about how to make a call on Discord:

Set up voice/video settings on the Discord app:

Before moving towards video or voice calls, check your settings in Discord. For this purpose, click on the “Gear” icon to open the “User Settings.” The gear icon is located at the bottom-left corner of the Discord app.

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Select the “Voice and Video” option from the user settings. The “Voice and Video” settings will allow you to add input and output devices, adjust their volumes, perform mic testing, and select the input mode.  

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If you’ve attached an external camera with your device, then by scrolling down in the Voice and Video options menu, you can select the integrated “Camera” option. Make sure that each voice and video setting is according to your need. Now switch back to the main window of Discord for making a voice or video call.

This picture was taken from linuxhint.com by Sharqa Hameed

Make new friends on Discord:

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If you want to make a call to your friend or family member on Discord, you’ve to send a friend request to that person. By using Discord, you can easily make new friends and send a friend request via PC or mobile:

On PC:

1: Click on the discord app and go onto the Home screen. You’ll see a friend’s option. Click on this option.

2: Now go onto the add friend option in the upper right corner of the next screen.

3: Write your friend’s name in the navbar and click on the send friend request button. 

4: However, if you want to make a friend from a Discord server, click on invite people and then on the person’s username. Now click on the green button to send a friend request.

On Mobile:

  1. When you open the Discord app on mobile, tap on the person icon waving at the bottom of the home screen.
  2. Now tap on the person with a plus sign on the upper right corner of the screen. Discord allows you to add a person in two easy ways; first, enter that person’s Discord tag, and second, use the Find Your Friends feature. In the latter option, you’ve to sync your contact, and it’s an offline option.
  3. When you open the Add friend window, add the Discord tag of your friend and tap on the send friend request option. 

Steps to make a video call on Discord:

Personal Video Call:

1: If you want to make a video call on Discord, open the “Direct Messages” window of the person with whom you want to do a video call. On the direct messages window, you’ll see a “Camera” button on the top of the menu bar:

2: Discord will take a few seconds to make a video call to your friend. Moreover, you can also add more friends to the call. To do so, click plus sign on the upper right corner of the video chat window. A list of your friends will appear, allowing you to add more friends to the video call.

3: After connecting with your friends, click on the “video” icon at the bottom of the screen to enable your video.

4: Discord app also allows you to share the screen with your friend while on a video call. To end the video call on Discord, click on the “Disconnect” icon (in red).

Video call with server member:

1: First of all, select the Discord member to whom you want to make a video call:

2: Now, click on the Call button on the selected Discord member. 

3: After a few seconds, Discord will make a video call connection between you and your friend.

Steps to make a voice call on Discord: 

1: Open the Discord app and select your friend from the friend list. However, if you want to make a voice call to the server member, select that discord server member from general, just like you’ve selected while doing a server video call. Once you’ve selected the person, press the phone icon on the top of the page. By pressing this option, a voice call will be started between you and your friend.

2: Once you’ve started the video call, you can add more friends by clicking on the plug sign on the top menu beside the search option. When you press that button, it allows you to add more friends from your friend list or Discord server; if you’re doing a voice call with server members. 

3: The picture below shows a menu that allows you to add any of your friends. You need to select your friends’ names. A checkmark will appear on the right end of the name, allowing you to remove friends by unchecking the tick or pressing the small “X” beside their names. When you’ve done adding and removing people, press on the “Create Group DM” option that will create a group. Now you can enjoy group calling via this group more easily.

Wrap Up!

I hope after reading this article; you’ve got enough information on how to make calls on Discord, whether it’s a group, private, or server video/voice call. I assure you that this article will help you clear all worries about making new friends and video/voice calls settings. As you can see, Discord will let you do voice and video calls beyond your friend list within no time. I’m sure this guide will be helpful for you, and don’t hesitate to post any queries in the comment section. Moreover, if you like this article, bookmark our website for more updates. 

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