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GoPro Hero 7 Silver Review: Great Performance with Robust Design


  • Easy to use
  • Great 4K quality
  • Waterproof
  • Superb audio quality


  • Maybe unresponsive sometimes
  • Non-removable battery
  • Doesn’t have  front LCD screen

The GoPro Hero7 Silver is an affordable option to the top of range Go Pro, which provides more ambitious users with control over their exploits. It’s easy-to use and capable for pleasing results – but its 4K footage isn’t as good when compared against flagship models like Black or White (which means it has some simplifications). This makes this budget camera more similar in function too; you can still shoot video at high resolutions while enjoying GPS capabilities along side enhanced photo mode abilities!

Have you heard about the action camera? But don’t know its pros and how to use this camera? Let me clarify this term for you; an action camera is a small, well-built, and waterproof digital camera specially designed to capture eye-catching action cam footage. Its small size allows you to capture adventurous photos or videos that can’t be taken with your bulky DSLR and unstable smartphone cameras.

Surprisingly, now you can carry this handy action camera to your dream places like wild adventures and poolside, where your smartphone or DSLR can’t be taken. Would you risk taking your smartphone or expensive DSLR to any of these places? The answer will be a big “NO”. Still, the small size of this action camera allows you to mount it on anything, such as your bike, backpack, surfboard, cycle, and much more. 

The market is full of action cameras like HERO 9 Black is widely used to capture cinematic pictures with its built-in HyperSmooth tool that eliminates shaky footage. However, if you want to take distortion-free photos with one click, then GoPro MAX offers the best. This GoPro MAX camera is also the best option for ultimate vloggers due to its in-built shotgun mic and a front-facing screen. Most of you’re looking for this latest action camera that fits your lifestyle.

To lessen your worries, in this GoPro Hero 7 Silver Review, I’m going to reveal this highly-demanding product that suits both adventurous people and vloggers. Let’s look at this product review that will let you learn more about its specifications, designs, and other valuable features. 

You can purchase this GoPro Hero 7 Silver action camera from the Amazon website. It costs you around $229, which equals £279 and AU$399. At such an affordable price, this upgraded model of GoPro is more suitable than its older models and proves to be a perfect action camera for beginners. Moreover, suppose you want the smallest camera that offers exceptional features. In that case, this GoPro Hero7 Silver is at the top of the action camera market. 

Mind-blowing spec!

In this GoPro Hero 7 Silver Review, I’ve gathered its amazing specs that make this product worth buying for you.  

  • It offers 4K video recording in 30fps. 
  • This action camera will let you take 10MP eye-catching photos with a single click.
  • It offers 60fps slow-motion video.
  • This small camera comes with a USB-C port for charging.
  • This incredible action camera also offers a time-lapse feature.
  • At 1440p video, it offers around 60fps, while at 1080p video, it offers around 60fps. 
  • The touchscreen of this camera is 2.0-inch. 
  • It stabilizes your image to a great extent. 
  • Beginners can easily operate this camera, as its functions are very simple. 
  • It comes with an in-built 1220mAH lithium-ion battery.
  • The construction of this action camera is sturdy and waterproof. 
  • It offers a WDR feature that balances high-contrast pictures/videos very well.
  • This camera is also integrated with a voice control feature.

Streamlined and Robust design:

In this part of the GoPro Hero 7 Silver Review, we’ll reveal more about its design and how it benefits you than other standard cameras. So, this basic GoPro Hero 7 design isn’t much different from its old version; however, the front face of this action camera is changed a bit. The 2-inches front panel of this action camera covers the whole front area and bears; an optic and a tiny status light that flickers while you’re recording a video. Don’t worry; if by some accident it falls, it won’t come apart because this camera is built with robust material that is strong enough to resist any hit or scrape.

GoPro Hero 7 Silver: Side design
Pictures are taken from Trusted Review by Andrew Williams

Moreover, suppose you’re mounting this camera on something. In that case, you can also go for its bracket option to provide additional protection. The key feature of this GoPro Hero 7 Silver action camera is its waterproof hardware that allows you to swim with this camera around 10-meters in depth but not more than this. This GoPro product comes with a Super Suitcase for adventurous scuba divers, allowing them to take this action camera 60 meters deep beneath the water. This advantageous feature makes this product highly selling among those people who want to capture life beneath oceans.

Moreover, you can take this action camera on your snorkelling holiday without any separate housing to give it water protection. You can easily operate this device with two physical controls; mode and shutter buttons.

GoPro Hero 7 Silver: Open battery space
Pictures are taken from Trusted Review by Andrew Williams

Those with larger hands might be irritated with its small screen showing small options. Also, sometimes due to overloaded pictures, the screen may get stuck for a while and can be a bit irresponsive; however, in normal cases, it works well enough than other high-end cameras. The battery of this GoPro Hero 7 Silver camera is housed inside a safe covering, and you can charge it via a USB-C port, present at the side of the camera, besides a microSD slot. Both these slots are well protected by a door that can be difficult to open. Still, it’s a necessary element to maintain the waterproofing feature.

Sensational image quality:

Let’s talk about how sensational photos this action camera can click. When I tried this product for giving this GoPro Hero7 Silver review, the first thing I noticed about this handy camera was its few basic controls to capture an eye-catching image.

Exposure adjustment: Regardless of its timer setting option, you can easily adjust exposure by using the options that appear on the LCD. Moreover, you can also select its spot meter option and easily zoom into the screen via the Touch Zoom function. These limited controls make this product easy to use for beginners. Another appealing feature of this action camera is WDR. This automatic feature switches on/off automatically when needed so that you don’t need to adjust settings for switching on/off this feature.

Picture taken from GoPro Hero 7
Picture taken via THE INSIDE LINE website

Moreover, you can see the pros of this feature as it enhances your picture quality by balancing the colour contrast ratio. Those scenes having a moderately high contrast ratio are well-exposed by this feature, and you can see how nicely it retained highlights. However, it is advised by professional action camera users that whether it works better than your expectations in high contrast, still you need to adjust exposure and balance it where you feel necessary.

How to capture a distortion-free image?

While capturing pictures for giving this GoPro Hero7 Silver, I noticed that those areas with high frequency show fine details. In contrast, those pictures were clearer and finer when I clicked an object closely. However, the 10Mp Touch Zoom features cause a little problem while capturing a clear photo.

The reason is that zoomed pictures like skies, pavements, and a few others show low contrast areas that cause picture distortion, having blocky spots and off-colour pixels in a picture. So, for clicking farther images, I recommend this camera that allows you to capture images without the fisheye-sequel Len’s distortion; great for wide dynamic range scenes but not perfect for pictures having straight lines and edges. 

4K image quality:

While capturing an image in 4K footage, you’ll see that blocky spots and off-colour pixels are disappeared. If you keep the camera still or mount it on a stand, you can capture more esthetic and smoother pictures having the finest details. It offers the best sound quality without losing the bass or treble. 

Stabilization system:

Suppose you’re trying to capture an image while you’re moving. In that case, the stabilization system feature of this action camera does a decent job of capturing steady pictures. However, moving with the camera may face an irregular frame drop and frequently changing exposure.

This feature will help you to see a major difference between the stabilization system and the HyperSmooth feature of the Hero 7 Black model. So, suppose you’re travelling over mountains or across bumpier terrain. In that case, this action camera suits you the best, and save your pennies for that model.

Time-lapse: A great feature!

When you’re using the Touch Zoom feature or recording at 4K or lower resolution, this time-lapse feature will greatly help you. In this GoPro Hero7 Silver review, I’ll clear this Time Lapse factor for you. It’s an easy way to capture still images and converts them into a video. If the camera is mounted on a stand, the captured picture may show slight bumps due to the camera’s movements with the wind. But you can capture a clearer picture if you’re moving with the camera in a smooth environment. 


This GoPro Hero 7 Silver allows you to capture a video of high resolution, around 10 MP. When I’ve tried its 4k enhanced photo mode for giving this GoPro Hero7 Silver review, it offers much more detail than 1080p or 1440p. Moreover, suppose you compare its full HD footage with other cameras. In that case, it gives you better results by providing excellent high-quality video that seems to be taken from a pixel binning.

Stabilization system cropping is done when a character changes in 4K mode. At that time, 4K mode uses the sensor’s full resolution. However, the 4K video may show lower contrast to conserve mid-tone detail, and fine details may appear blurred or dithered. Due to these factors, a finely knit textured picture may look like a smooth mixture. However, its superior Black version shows better vibrant contrast and sharpness range. Even when you record a video at 1x, the Black version shows a more vibrant, punchier, and brighter video than this Silver one.  

Great Performance!

This GoPro Hero7 Silver action camera offers dynamic performance. It helps you to record video in 4K mode at 30 frames per second and 1440p resolution at 60 frames per second. Its video stabilization factor ensures that all your captured footages are fine and steady. Moreover, when I tried this GoPro Hero7 Silver product, I learned that it offers many more features than I expected; voice control, a photo timer, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. So, with its voice control feature, you can easily connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and capture your pictures without touching the screen.  

User-Interface: how to use this product?

Most of you are beginners and might feel difficult to operate this handy action camera. Leave your worries aside, in this part of the GoPro Hero7 Silver review; I’ve gathered all information regarding its setting and how to operate this product. So, before you delve into its settings menu, the first thing you can easily choose is 4K/1080p (4:3 aspect) mode or time-lapse. However, you may feel the interface works slowly like other cheaper models at first sight. Still, once you press the shutter button, you’ll say wow!

GoPro Hero 7 Interface
Picture is taken from Trusted Review by Andrew Williams

Moreover, by connecting this action camera with your smartphone (Android and iOS), you can conveniently operate this product with voice commands or an app on your smartphone. On the other hand, if you purchase its Black version, you can enjoy the prompt voice facility as it’s unavailable. To start the camera, press the shutter button to turn it on. You can instantly shoot video to capture sporadic moments as soon as it starts. 

Battery life:

As you know, you can’t remove its lithium battery, so this action camera might not be suitable for vloggers who want to capture long videos. However, you can charge this GoPro Hero7 Silver action camera via USB-C cable just like you charge a smartphone. With one-time charging, this device’s battery lasts for around two hours. However, you can’t save much data on its microSD card, which might be a con of this product.


  • No Hypersmooth feature for image stabilization.
  • The lens cover is missing. 
  • LCD shows glitches at times.
  • The camera can’t be turned on via Voice commands.
  • There is a limit to capturing an image. 
  • The front-facing screen is absent.

Final Verdict

After reading this GoPro Hero7 Silver review, you’ve got much information regarding this latest action camera. Combining all the good factors, this GoPro Hero 7 Silver is a top-tier action camera that includes the all-important 4K features regardless of its front-face feature that might cause a bit of a problem for you. But if you desire to buy this product, you can purchase this from the Amazon website. 

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