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Google could be banned from shipping Pixel units to the U.S. in the next 60 Days

In 60 days, those devices that infringe on copyrights will be banned from the U.S., if President Biden approves it.

Google has “infringed section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended,” according to a final determination issued by the International Trade Commission (ITC) regarding certain audio players and controllers, components thereof, and goods that include these.

In 2020, Sonos sued Google. They claimed that Google exploited their working relationship with Sonos and used their intellectual property in its own products. Sonos has intellectual property on how speakers can communicate wirelessly with one another. When they filed the lawsuit, Google denied the allegations and countersued, claiming that Sonos violated several patents.

Following the ITC’s ruling, a Sonos spokesman told Android Central that,

“We appreciate that the ITC has definitively validated the five Sonos patents at issue in this case and ruled unequivocally that Google infringes all five. That is an across-the-board win that is surpassingly rare in patent cases and underscores the strength of Sonos’s extensive patent portfolio and the hollowness of Google’s denials of copying.”

“There’s a chance that Google may be able to degrade or eliminate product features in such a way as to avoid the ITC’s ban on importing smart speakers, But while Google may sacrifice consumer experience in an attempt to circumvent this importation ban, its products will still infringe many dozens of Sonos patents, its wrongdoing will persist, and the damages owed Sonos will continue to accrue. Alternatively, Google can —as other companies have already done —pay a fair royalty for the technologies it has misappropriated,” says Sonos.

The last line must infuriate and irritate Google. Company spokesperson José Castañeda told Android Central,

“While we disagree with today’s decision, we will ensure our shared customers have the best experience using our products and do not experience any disruption. We will seek further review and continue to defend ourselves against Sonos’ frivolous claims about our partnership and intellectual property.”

We first saw this news on Phone Arena.

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