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Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites & apps (February 2021)

Most people tend to watch movies on Amazon Prime or Netflix, forget that. There are lots of free options you have to watch your favorite movies for free. Here, We break down the list of free online movie streaming sites that are free from viruses and are completely legal.

On these streaming websites, You can watch thousands of movies and tv shows online for free. “Note that” these sites are only available & legal to use in the United States. Peoples in other parts of the world get access to these sites by using any safe VPN service. There are hundreds of free VPNs are available to choose from.

We also added some free movie apps to stream free content from your phone.

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Let’s dive deep into the list!

Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites for Watching movies online

All the free online movie sites are free from any type of viruses and are a fair source for streaming free movies.

1. Crackle – Overall best free online movie streaming Sites

One of the best online movie streaming sites

The very popular platform in free online movie streaming sites is “Crackle”. It was owned by Sony Pictures. The platform was founded in 2004. Crackle is top in our list of best sites for watching movies for free. It’s the very best source to watch thousands of movies and tv shows for free. Actually, their amazing collection makes Crackle one of the best free movie streaming sites on this list.

They have a lot of popular movies such as The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, Groundhog Day, The Iceman, The Da Vinci Code, Charlie’s Angels, and many more. You should be ready for some commercials while streaming. The notable point’s that Crackle is only available in the USA.

Therefore, people out of the country can access this site by using any free VPN service. This is only a streaming site, you can watch movies on demand but you can’t able to download them. The site also has its original tv shows and movies to watch for free.

The big thing about crackle is, its app is available on both the app store or play store. Crackle is a complete package for watching movies & tv shows for free & It’s 100% free, requires no signup or no commitment.

2. Popcornflix


Another best platform to watch free movies is Popcornflix. The website is as cool as the name. Founded in 2011 and’s owned by Screen media ventures. Thanks to a site owner that provides one of the best free online movie websites to stream free movies.

You can explore over 1500 free movies to watch on the site. It has a bunch of popular movies and tv shows you can watch. Pornflix has a collection of genres Like drama, horror, action, romance, Sci-fi, and more. It covers almost every category. The thing you keep in your mind is, you can be dealt with the commercials while watching content on the site.

This site also doesn’t allow you to download content, you can only online watch online. It worked in more than 36 countries but sadly it’s not available in most countries, So VPN is a solution for those. You can also install the Popcornflix app on your mobile.

It’s available on both app stores. It’s the next great option to watch movies online for free and legally. Just click on the watch button & start streaming they also don’t require signup.

3. Tubi

Unbeatable experience on Tubi while watching a movie. There are no overwhelming commercials (less than Tv) & it’s fast than other free online movie streaming sites.

Tubi- best free movie site-Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Tubi was founded in 2015 and owned by Fox Corporation. It’s another powerful platform to watch movies online for free. The service offers a large collection of movies including a good variety of newer titles. the platform has 200 hundred partners such as Starz, paramount pictures, Lionsgate, and more.

You will find popular movies or tv shows that are not available on other services. Tubi includes dozens of the usual genres like action, comedy, drama, thrillers, and more. The site has a big collection of content that is highly rated by rotten tomatoes, IMDB or is not available on Netflix.

The Tubi also has a mobile app that is available on both app stores or the play store. It’s a hundred % free platform, has thousands of movies and tv shows to watch legally. The Tubi has lower ads than cable and you can’t require any subscription or signup. The best thing about this free movie site, it has a very fast streaming capability. So, go to Tubi and watch free movies without a juggle.

It’s also one of the favorite platforms in the list of best free online movie streaming sites.

4. Pluto Tv

Pluto tv- Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Pluto Tv was founded in 2013 and is owned by ViacomCBS. Another best advertiser-supported platform that allows you to watch free movies online. This website interface’s more like a TV. The interface is spotless which makes the experience be better.

Pluto has the option of a very powerful amount of on-demand content. The collection includes a variety of on-demand films, it has many popular titles like Capote, Big Fish, and The Terminator.

They have 70+ tv channels showing different content including drama, comedy, thriller, documentaries, and more. The website served best in the USA but they make problems in other countries so you should require a VPN if you are outside of the USA.

Pluto has an app that is available for almost any platform like Android devices, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, IOS, and even more. This is also one of the top Free Online Movie Streaming Sites.

5. Yidio


Yidio was founded in 2008 by Brandon Eatros and Adam Eatros. It’s was a video aggregator platform or in easy words, it was a video search engine. It’s can help you to find where you can watch movies & tv shows for free.

If you are looking for any movie or tv show, you can do a search and it will show you all the sources where you can watch free movies.

Yidio allows many filters to make the right selection like filter by popularity, genre, recently added, and more. You can view that content from a single website. So if you are juggling to find the source to watch free tv shows or movies, so go with Yidio. It also has an app that is available on both app stores.

6. Vudu

Vudu-Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Vudu was an online video store and streaming service owned by Fandango Media. The platform is very well known for buying and renting movies. Vudu offers an amazing collection of free feature-length movies. There are more than 4500 movies for free online streaming.

The website allows many filters like “best-reviewed movies” to find or make a good selection. You can watch movies free online with ads on the site. If you buy or rent a movie, the site also has these additional options. The site show some detailed overviews of every movie such as rating on rotten tomatoes or more.

The Vudu app is available on both app stores. With a great collection of feature-length movies, it’s also a good source if you are searching for free online movie streaming sites.

7. Youtube’s Movie Section

Youtube's free movie section

The most popular video streaming platform youtube placed in most of the hearts. You can watch any type of video on Youtube. Youtube has dozens of movies to watch for free. There are many ways in which you can watch movies and tv shows for free on youtube. Youtube hosts a large collection of movies at no cost. It’s was ad-supported but if you subscribe to youtube premium you can watch all the content without any commercials.

You just want to go to youtube’s movie section and browse through the collection of free ad-supported movies. This section is only for the USA but again there is the best solution for outsiders is VPN.

Everyone out of the USA can use VPN to watch free movies. There are dozens of channels that post some good movies Regularly, that you can watch for free from anywhere. We all also aware of the great app ‘youtube’ has available on both app stores. You can also get the option to download videos from the app, which means you can enjoy the content anytime anywhere.


Imdb Tv

The service was first launched in 2019 as IMDb Freedive. IMDB is operated and owned by Amazon. Most of you are familiar with IMDB, the popular database site for movies and tv shows. They now have an online streaming service called IMDB tv, where you can watch free movies online.

The platform offers an impressive amount of TV series and movies to stream for free but there are many other competitors like crackle, Vudu, Yidio that has more content than IMDB. You are required to register for an account to use IMDb TV, Like the other services, it’s also ad-supported. It’s also a good platform for free online streaming but as compared to other free online movie streaming sites, IMDB TV has less stuff.

The list of best free online movie streaming sites ends up, lets dive into the list of best apps to watch free movies and shows.

All the free movie apps are free to use and are totally legal. The download links are given after each overview.

1. Sony’s Crackle App

Again, the winner in the list of best free movie apps is Crackle. It has one of the best apps to watch movies & tv shows for free. The crackle app has a bunch of content to choose from. You can explore the content in different genres. The streaming quality requires some improvements, we hope it can improve over time. You can download it from Playstore & also from the apple store.

Download Now from  

2. Tubi App

Streaming Free on mobile is extremely easy with the Tubi app. You can watch thousands of hit movies and tv series for free. The app is 100 % legal to use, you can stream unlimited, with no credit cards and no subscription required.

While You can be dealt with some commercials while watching movies. Tubi allows many genres to choose from like, Drama, Comedy, Action, Horror, Anime (New Anime, and Next Day!). You can find Korean Movies, Hollywood movies, Japanese, And much more. Tubi app is available on the play store and apple store.

Download Now from  

3. Pluto Tv App

Pluto is a tv app with thousands of movies you can watch for free. The platform has 250+ channels to stream. You can dive into the channels to watch the latest movies, TV shows, breaking news, live sports, and more. Pluto tv app is also 100% free & legal.

You can watch some of the latest hits like Big Fish, Zodiac, Legally Blonde, The Big Short, and more. It does not require any signup, subscription, just open the app and start streaming free movies. Download now pluto tv app from the play store or apple store.

Download Now from  

4. Roku Channel App

Roku channel app is also one of the best free online streaming apps. You keep yourself entertain whenever & wherever with the Roku channel app. Stream Tv shows, movies, news, and more, all for free.

The platform gives access to an impressive amount of free live and premium content including sports, comedy, drama, family TV, and more. So go to search and discover free ad-supported movies. You can download this best movie app from both app stores.

Download Now from  

5. Plex

Plex allows you to stream free movies and Tv shows, plus 80+ channels of live TV, instantly, without a subscription. The app has a thousand FREE movies and TV shows from around with the big hits from Crackle, Warner Brothers, MGM, Lionsgate, and more.

Enjoy everything from Oscar™ award-winning movies to anime, documentaries, family shows, and much more. You can also listen to podcasts. The app is available in both app stores.

Download Now from  

7. Hoopla

Hoopla is the best Library to binge on free digital eBooks, audiobooks, movies, music, comics, and TV shows. It’s an all-in-one digital library app, with over 800,000 titles—from best-selling novels and blockbuster movies, to hard-to-find content, the app has something for everyone.

There are no commercials while watching content. New titles from various vendors are added on a weekly basis. So download Hoopla now from the play store or apple store to binge instantly on free movies with no fees.

Download Now from  


I Hope, you did like our list of best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites & apps!

We list some of the most popular free movie sites and free movie apps. These sites and apps are completely legal to use and free from any viruses.

You can face problems if you are outside of the USA. Outsiders can use any of the Vpn services to stream these free movie websites from their countries.

The best Vpn I recommended is a hotspot shield, go with it & stream free.

Enjoy your movie day!

Note: This article is only for guidance purposes. We are not responsible for any problem.

Let us know which free movie site or app you like the most. Please don’t forget to leave your positive feedback in the comment section.

This post was originally published on 1, January 2021, but according to new information stuff this post update frequently.

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