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How to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on Twitter?

If are thinking, How can I enable two-factor authentication on Twitter account “You are thinking Good”. Because you are moving a step towards a high-security layer.

By enabling (2FA) you can secure your Twitter account from hacking. Hackers often try to steal your personal information, If you are an active Twitter user you must have to enable this verification.

Twitter allows users to use two-factor authentication through their Phone Number. This step assure that you and only you have the right to enter your account.

When you enable this feature, you need to verify your identity by entering a code along with your username and password whenever you want to access your account.

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication on Twitter?

In the side menu, click on the Profile icon, then More, and then Settings and privacy.

Credit: useqwitter

Click on account and then click Security.

enable two-factor authentication on Twitter
Credit: useqwitter

After that Click on Two-factor authentication.

There are three types of authentication: Via Text message, Via Authentication app, or Via Security key. Chose one of the following Authentication and you are done.

Final Words

After you enable your chosen authentication, you are done. Now, every time you log in, Twitter ask you for your username or email, Password and then it will send you a verification code or address (It depend on the type of authentication you choose).

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