Friday, September 16, 2022

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Elon Musk agrees with UAW to Unionize Tesla California Factory

  • Elon Musk is working with United Auto Workers (UAW) to vote to unionize the Tesla Factory in California.
  • President Joe Biden address UAW and mentioned motors companies Ford, General Motors(GM) they both has strong union presence but not Tesla.
  • Musk agrees “I’d like hereby to invite UAW to hold a union vote at their convenience. Tesla will do nothing to stop them.”

Joe Biden mentioned all Tesla competitors but not tesla because the only reason is that Musk criticized the Biden administration and Democrats for a proposal to union-made, American-built electric cars with additional $4,500 tex incentives.

In his tweet thread, Musk’s argument is that because the Bay Area has such a competitive labor market, Tesla has to “treat and compensate our (awesome) people well,” which makes unionization unattractive.

Tesla’s background related to union efforts is not much happy to see because in 2019 judge found the number of illegal anti-union tactics.

As I said, the background isn’t good, Tesla one employee reported The Guardian “Elon Musk says he’s neutral toward the union […] They’ve been anything but neutral. Anything union or pro-union is shut down really fast.” Tesla is currently appealing the order!

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