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Dell G3223Q Review: Best 4K monitor you can try


  • Fresh 4K Display
  • HDMI 2.1 supported
  • Solid build quality


  • The contrast ratio is low
  • Expensive
  • USB-C is missing

Dell’s G3223Q monitor is a great option for gamers looking to upgrade their gaming experience. The panel offers deep blacks and bright colors, along with high refresh rates that make games even more immersive than before! But it does not offer HDR capabilities which means you can’t take advantage of all your favorite titles in specialist monitors or TVs made specifically designed around this technology.

Have you updated your PC’s GPU, the latest graphics card with high specs, but you’re still using that same old, dreary monitor? Suppose you’re a gamer or love to create content like editing videos and images.

In that case, these boring monitors can’t help you get much of your updated GPU because the monitor is the main element of your system that shows image quality in 4K HD resolution and allows you to enjoy the crisp detail of your movie, images, games, and much more.

Whether you’ve updated your GPUs will only help you get better speed and graphics, so without updating your monitor, you can’t get crispy visuals or a high-resolution gaming experience. Most of you might be thinking of changing your monitor and purchasing the one that offers high-resolution image pixels at close-up, shows the most delicate details of your images, and brings the digital world to real life.

However, it might be tough for you to choose the high-end 4K monitor because the market is full of competition now, and every shining thing isn’t gold. So, you need to research 4K gaming monitors, and if you don’t have enough time to do research, then no need to worry as in this Dell G3223Q Review article, We’ve reviewed the best 4K monitor to make your wishes come true. Now let’s have a glance at the details of this 4k UHD gaming monitor G3223Q.

Due to the competitive environment in the market, the monitor prices were eye-watering in 2019. Still, with the invention of new technological products like laptops, iPad, LCDs, etc., monitor prices dropped. However this 4K monitor is still available for $1,099, which equals £659 and AU$1,499. Although this price might be high for you, you can still get a few % of discount on this monitor when you purchase it from the Dell website

High-end specs of Dell G3223Q

Below are the Dell 32 4k UHD specifications, which make you sure that it’ll never forgo your gaming experience. It offers you the following advantaging specifications:

  • It is integrated with 2.1 HDMI ports.
  • It offers a 144Hz refresh rate for smooth gameplay.
  • It also comes with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which makes it ideal for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
  • It has a display of 32-inch.
  • For adding a third-party monitor stand or arm, two VESA mount holes are available (75×75 & 100x100mm).
  • It offers a native resolution of about 3,840 x 2,160.
  • It is integrated with an IPS panel. 
  • It shows VESA 600 HDR display.
  • It comes with a bundle of 1 DisplayPort, a USB Type-B upstream, 2 USB-A including a charging port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and guides/manuals for users.
  • You can adjust the stand of this monitor at 10cm height, -21° to 5° tilt angle, and -30° to 30° swivel range.
  • It also comes with a 100x100mm VESA wall mount. 
  • It doesn’t come with integrated speakers.

Ergonomic design

Dell G3223Q monitor has a sleek design with a silver and black combination. It shows blue light around the center in the back even if you turn it off, so it would be a great combo with a dark room. This monitor has a great architectural design without any flaws, and the entire body is solid plastic.

Front and Back of Dell G3223Q

The monitor is supported on a well-built stand’s pivot. This Dell G3223Q review will help you to find the best monitor for your home space. Its ergonomics style will let you adjust and rotate it in any direction except in portrait mode. But the narrow swivel angle and limited height of this monitor will make it difficult for you to adjust it to the most suitable angles in contrast to other monitors. The rear is made up of gunmetal-colored plastic with blue LED accents.

The stand of this monitor has a cut-out design for cable setting and to keep your space free of wire. Its large base covers much of your space, and the top of this monitor is slightly inclined, so you can’t place any décor pieces over it. This Dell G3223Q also includes simple joystick connections at the back and several buttons used for selecting or changing its settings. The majority of materials have a hard, slightly rough texture that suggests they’ll resist and hide scratches. The front of is plain, with modest bezels and a bottom chin that has the Dell logo.

Premium quality display: Picture-Perfect

SDR Image resolution:

The brightness provided at the peak point of SDR is exceptional. Little highlights against dark backgrounds won’t stand out clearly because the brightness peak at different scenes is enough to prevent any glare. This brightness peak can be adjusted at a maximum rate from the color-customizing Picture Mode. 

Image credit: Thanks a Million to respective Owner

Dell G3223Q will clarify that it’s an exceptional all-rounder monitor with maximum SDR brightness at 466 nits, a competing point as compared to other monitors. We’ve also tested this monitor in a bright room, and I suggest you adjust its brightness to 40% so you can enjoy an eye-catching image view. 

HDR image resolution: 

Here, the problem comes for the Dell company, as this Dell G3223Q monitor doesn’t deliver satisfying HDR peak brightness, due to which people using it might be unable to enjoy HDR games view. As some of your content on the monitor is dimmer, and only several contents require full display settings, this monitor can process HDR based on your content.

Overall, the HDR brightness peaks are variable, and due to the local dimming feature, small areas are less bright than large ones. Moreover, by selecting the ‘DisplayHDR 600’ option, the EOTF (electro-optical transfer function), which transforms the video hdr signal into a uniform light emitted on display, focuses the target very well even at maximum brightness peak but due to this function, fine details in bright scenes are lost. Though, this default mode of this Dell G3223Q monitor makes it flattened against other rivals. This monitor has a few dimming zones that produce bright stripes and streaks on the screen.

You can enjoy two HDR Modes; Gaming and Movie HDR mode. These modes don’t show backlight dimming. Still, we’ve noticed a change in brightness between bright and dim scene transitions. This mode cause problem for those gamers who want to enjoy an HDR gaming experience on a PC and a console because its HDR mode doesn’t deliver good results in any setting. Matt Smith’s Color gamut is technically a weakness when analogized to other options like this.

Motion sharpness: Lag-free 

The most captivating point of this Dell G3223Q review is that this monitor’s display can also support AMD Free-Sync and Nvidia G-Sync by offering a refresh rate of 165Hz and 1ms grey-grey response time. And because of its high refresh rate display allows you to enjoy 4K PC gameplay on Xbox Series X (120Hz) and PS 5 (144Hz). The AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support works well with every model, but as we’ve tested out, the Nvidia G-Sync works only with the RTX 3060 laptop and GTX 1080 Ti graphic card.

Thus, this 32-inch monitor offers smooth motion clarity at higher refresh rates so you can experience significant details of fasting moving scenes. It also produces minimum blur during fast DSLR camera pans.


This Dell G3223Q review will also reveal its compatibility and working with PS5, Xbox series Xs, and MacBook. When you select the “Console Mode“, you can easily enjoy 24 Gbps of HDMI 2.1 bandwidth that works well with PS5. But as this monitor is restricted to 24 Gbps bandwidth instead of a maximum of 48 Gbps, it offers a chroma ratio of 4:2:0 rather than 4:2:2.

So due to this chroma ratio, you’ll see blurred text. Yet, you can still enjoy the 4K gameplay experience, which is not affected by this chroma ratio. Moreover, this monitor is only compatible with the Xbox Series X as you’re using the “Console Mode” and can also plug your mouse and keyboard into its USB ports.

Image credit: Thanks a Million to respective Owner

This Dell G3223Q monitor also shows excellent compatibility with MacBooks, but you can face some connectivity issues. Sometimes when you wake up, the MacBook from sleep windows directly goes on the main screen of the MacBook, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Similarly, you have to unplug and reconnect your MacBook because it may lose connection when you put it into sleep mode.

Extra features!

Some of its additional features that help you to know more about this product which is as follows:   

  • You can only select the ‘DCI-P3’ or ‘sRGB’ color space in the “Picture Mode” feature.
  • By adjusting the dark stabilizer (gamma), you can see your enhanced view of your rivals in dark scenes or games.
  • It also includes a virtual grid that offers picture alignment and produces smooth image delivery.
  • It also comes with an FPS counter that shows your present frame rate.
  • You’ll see a display timer on the screen, so if you forget to switch it off, it’ll automatically switch off as the timer is out.
  • It has a “Power Nap” feature that fades your screen brightness or puts it on sleep when you’re not using it, and that’s how it saves energy. 

Offers 4K gaming and creative benchmarks

This gaming monitor has a single-colored backlighting and bold venting that allows you to use this Dell G3223Q monitor to enjoy a 4K gaming experience, no matter how long you play and how intense graphics your game has; its thermal regulation feature keeps this monitor cool.

Image credit: Thanks a Million to respective Owner

As we’ve mentioned in this Dell G3223Q review, this ergonomic monitor easily fits into your home space and can be adjusted according to your gaming, making it helpful in creative tasks. You can do quality work by adjusting the DCI-P3, sRGB color space, or gamma settings to balance uniform color and brightness on your screen. However, the monitor has quite disappointing hdr performance as compared to other alternatives.

Final Verdict

After reading this honest Dell G3223Q review, you’ve learned about all the specs, advantages, and disadvantages of this 4K monitor. But those who want to enjoy a high-quality HDR must overlook this product and go for other products available in the market that have improved HDR features. And if this monitor’s specs, features, and display quality are according to your wishes, then don’t waste your time and grab this product from eBay or Amazon.

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