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10 Cool Features of Coolpad Note 3: You Need To Try Today

The Coolpad Note 3 is yet another version of what a sub-10K smartphone must be. It has a  good display, dependable performance, and a usable camera. Furthermore, this is so far the only smartphone at this pricing point to feature fingerprint protection.

The Coolpad Note 3’s 13MP rear camera isn’t one of the finest in its category, but it catches up. Images in full daylight showed a good level of detail and real color rendition. The Coolpad Note 3 is fantastic in terms of both price and performance, but when you don’t realize you own a smartphone in your hand filled with functionalities that will amaze you, you use it in a lesser evident way.

So, to assist you to make the most of your Coolpad Note 3, in this guide I’ve enlisted 10 exciting features of this smartphone that let you enjoy its functionality in a much better way.

Are you curious to know these features? Then let’s dig into this guide:

What Are The Hidden Features Of Coolpad Note 3?

1.  Use your fingerprint to attend and record phone calls

If you assumed this fingerprint was simply utilized to open the device, you were completely mistaken. You can do a lot more things with this fingerprint; for example, you may just press it to accept a call or to record a current call.

Use your fingerprint to attend and record phone calls

Isn’t this awesome? This option is available in the Call Settings section of the settings options.

2.  Fingerprint Security

Fingerprint authentication is far more reliable than password authentication. Coolpad includes a pre-installed program named FP Lock. This locks the programs separately from your fingerprint, allowing you to protect your apps from unauthorized use.

You can use your fingerprint to lock any application, whether it’s a camera or WhatsApp. To use this function, launch FP lock from the homepage and unlock it with your fingerprint. You may unlock apps by marking each one with the lock icon.

3.  Customized Notification Light

This function lets you set or stop the notification light’s flashing for Calls, Texts, New Messages, and Battery status. It can be used in place of assigning different colored lights for alerts. This custom feature may be found in the Indicator Light option under Brightness & display options.

4.  Screen recording

You can also film the display while speaking. To film the show, hold and press the Power + Volume Turned up buttons on your Coolpad Note 3. When you touch these buttons, the screen recording will begin. Simply push the start button once more to terminate the recording. The captured video will be saved in SD Card>Screen record and can be viewed through Gallery.

5.  Smart Controls

The smartest feature of all is the ability to draw specific shapes on the display to open the corresponding apps while the smartphone is locked. It features a plethora of gestures and motions to enhance the user experience; these options can be activated or removed in the Smart Control section under the settings option. Among the gestures are:

  • Double-tap for waking up: This is a typical function that allows you to brighten the display by quickly touching twice on it.
  • Slide downwards to capture photos: When the smartphone is locked, you can quickly access the camera interface and take a photograph by scrolling down the screen.
  • Swiping horizontally to change songs: When the smartphone is locked and you want to switch your song, then sliding it horizontally will change your songs. Sing switching will depend on in which direction you’re swiping.
  • Draw Alphabets: Draw C to access the keypad, E to access the search engine, M to launch the music player, O to launch Facebook, and W to launch WhatsApp.

6. Multitasking

Multitasking is among the additional features of the Coolpad Note 3. This has been observed before in high-end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note range. This function works precisely like one. You can have two apps running on your screen at the same time. This feature allows you to use many apps simultaneously, such as texting while viewing a movie.

7. Manage your display smartly

There is an Action and display option under the Smart control choice in settings. This feature enables or disables the following screen activities:

Manage your display smartly
  • Glove Mode: This is a particularly handy function, especially during the winter, when we wear gloves. This feature allows you to operate the touchscreen interface without removing your glove.
  • Three Screenshots: This feature allows you to take a screenshot, by simply swiping three fingers sideways and that’s all.

8. Fast Charging

Because it is an inexpensive phone, the Coolpad Note 3 doesn’t provide Fast charging, but it does include fast charging management that allows users to choose the charging mode. It’s located in the battery options. There are 2 charging modes available:

  • Efficient- This option reduces charging time when using an original or high-power adapter. This mode is suggested for improved battery efficiency.
  • Common- This mode limits the current using a standard charger to prolong the power usage cycle. This method charges the device slowly yet effectively protects the battery’s long-term health.

9. Unlock through the on-body detection feature

You can also unlock your smartphone when you keep it in your hands, pocket, or handbag. This function will use the phone’s sensor to determine if or not your smartphone is in constant motion with you. If the smartphone isn’t in use, it’ll simply lock. You’re wondering now what is the big deal. This is for you if you prefer to keep your smartphone unlocked till you touch it. It can also assist you in cases when some apps have lost functionality just after the screen has been locked.

10. Using the fingerprint scanner to take a selfie

Even though it is a low-end smartphone, the Coolpad Note 3 includes a fingerprint scanner. The scanner is located at the back, just beneath the camera. If you believe that the Fingerprint Sensor only can unlock your cell phone, you’re wrong. You may take selfies on the Coolpad Note 3 using the Fingerprint Sensor. Launch your camera app, switch your front camera, and then click the rear scanner. The selfie will be taken immediately, and it is simple to use.

Wrap Up!

I hope these features may assist you in making your Coolpad Note 3 smartphone experience better. Coolpad has many more fascinating features hidden underneath; keep searching then let us know what you’ve found in the comment box.

This article was originally published on Feb. 23, 2023

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