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How to connect any phone to your TV via USB? Easy Steps

A wireless connection allows you to enjoy a movie or Netflix season on your smartphone and tablet on the go. But if you’re sitting in your living room and want to share your phone screen on a big screen such as a TV, then you must need a wired connection.

A USB port allows you to connect any phone to your modern smart TV of any company. Whether you want to enjoy Netflix or share photos, a USB cable can easily hook between your phone and TV and offer a reliable internet connection. But most people might feel difficulty connecting their phones to TV via USB cable.

Don’t worry, we got you covered, in this article, we’ll explain how to connect your phone to a TV via USB cable. Moreover, this article will let you know which cable is best for Android or iOS and also the reason for making a connection via USB. So, let’s continue to read this informative guide:

Why we should connect the phone to the TV via USB?

USB to TV connection is much more beneficial than a wireless connection. For gamers, mirroring your phone with a TV via a USB connection reduces lagging as compared to a wireless connection. It also offers a fast internet connection in those areas where WiFi doesn’t work properly or shows weak signals.  

Methods to connect your phone to TV via USB:

Connecting your phone to a TV depends on the device or operating system. However, the methods of the connecting process might differ in an iPhone as compared to an Android device. Moreover, the connection method depends on your needs for viewing photos on TV, you’ve to use a charging cable. But for screen mirroring, a USB adapter is used. So, here is the list of following methods that are implied in different situations:

Connect Android to TV

USB connection via cable or adapter

For transmitting display-on screen, this method is the best that allows you to mirror your phone screen on your smart TV. For this purpose, you need an HDMI adapter or cable for screen mirroring your phone to a TV.

Simply you need to plug in the adapter to your phone and then plug the HDMI cable into it so that your TV will be connected to your phone. The most important you must check does your phone supports HDMI Alt Mode or not. This mode allows you to output your phone’s video on TV while using an HDMI cable.

Moreover, check your cable compatibility with your phone because some Android phones have micro or mini HDMI ports for direct HDMI connection by using a single cable.

USB connection by using a converter

Plugging a converter into a USB-C port or HDMI port will allow you to mirror your phone’s screen on your TV and also charge your phone’s battery at the same time. For this purpose, plug the converter into a USB-C port via your charger and cast your phone screen to your TV; as long as you want.

USB cable having an MHL

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The Mobile High-Definition Link is an adapter with having micro USB to HDMI port that allows you to connect your phone or tablets to a TV via s USB. For setting up a connection via MHL, make sure that your phone supports MHL.

Next, connect your phone with the HDMI MHL adapter and attach it to the HDMI cable, then connect it with your TV.

Don’t worry about your device battery, this MHL adapter also includes a charging port. So, it also charges your device while you’re watching TV shows.

USB cable having a SlimPort

A SlimPort cable works similar to MHL and allows you to mirror content from your phone to your TV display except for its outputs which are different. SlimPort works with HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and DVI which means you can use it for various displays.

It also helps you to display your phone’s content on older TVs that don’t include digital inputs, instead, they include a VGA. Moreover, SlimPort doesn’t draw your phone’s battery as compared to the MHL method.

So, for using this SlimPort, get a SlimPort adapter or cable according to your device and display your content by plugging it into the TV.

Connect iOS to TV

Connecting an iPhone with your TV via USB is similar to connecting your Android phone/tablet with a TV, except you’ve to use a Lightning cable for your iPhone model. iPhone 5 or newer versions comes with a Lightning connector, but for iPads having HDMI outputs/VGA connections, you’ll need a Lightning digital AV adapter/VGA adapter.

All models of iPads, use the Lightning cable for connecting with the TV. However, the iPad 3 and its older models use the 30-pin cable. So, when you’re picking a digital AV/VGA adapter double-check your display’s input. Moreover, many third-party cables don’t work properly for streaming Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV, or Comcast Xfinity. 

These cables may lack High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection that protects your device against pirates while capturing the content. So, make sure that you must select the perfect lightning cable for your iOS device. For plugging it into your phone:

  1. First, plug the USB end of the lightning cable into the adapter.
  2. Now connect the adapter to your TV for connecting video output to mirror your phone’s screen.
  3. Make sure that you must connect the other end of a USB cable to a power source so that it can also charge your device while you’re enjoying your TV shows.

Note: The Digital AV Adapter for iOS has 2 models that serve different functions. One model connects your iPhone or iPad to a TV by using HDMI output. While the VGA adapter model only plugs into VGA-compatible peripherals. So, make sure that you’ve bought the right adapter version for your device.

Wrap Up!

I hope that after reading this informative guide, you’ve got all information regarding how to connect a mobile to a TV via the USB cable. Moreover, all these methods are much more useful than others when there is no wireless connection. However, a USB to TV connection depends on your device, connection type, and display inputs. So, follow our recommendations and let us know if you’ve any queries in the comment section below. 

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