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Best Routers Under $150: Updated list of 2023

Choosing the right router is important but choosing cheap router is hard as well as important. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 8 Best Routers Under $150, along with our top 3 choices, so you can pick the best one for you.

  • Best Overall

    WiFi Router

    D-Link WiFi Router offers a dual-band router that delivers up to 2600 Mbps; 800 Mbps speed on the 2.4 GHz band plus and 1733 Mbps speed in the 5 GHz band.

  • Best Overall

    NETGEAR Nighthawk Router

    NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi Router offers a reliable internet connection for streaming 4K/HD videos, playing games, and internet surfing.

  • Best Overall

    Tenda WiFi 6 AX3000 WiFi Router

    Tenda WiFi 6 AX3000 WiFi Router offers MU-MIMO, OFDMA, BSS, and 1024-QAM features that work together to enhance your network speed and performance.

Most of you’re looking for a high-quality router that offers advantageous features at a budget-friendly price. But choosing the best cheap router for your home/business might be challenging for you; as most routers do not meet your required standards.

The variety of router models available on the market having various characteristics and qualities may also confuse you. To lessen your heed for purchasing the affordable router under 150, we’ve mentioned some best buying products in this article.

All these products aren’t only cost-effective but also offer exceptional quality features and work flawlessly under any conditions.

These best routers are suitable for any place such as apartments, businesses, huge houses, or other workplaces. So, are you excited to explore these products, then let’s delve into detail.

What Are The Best Routers Under $150?


  • Offer WPA2-PSK security protocol
  • Includes 7 Ethernet ports
  • Offer 2600 Megabits s-1 data transfer speed
  • Offers MU-MIMO and QoS features
  • Includes 3 USB ports


  • You can’t change its default password

D-Link WiFi Router offers a dual-band router that delivers up to 2600 Mbps; 800 Mbps speed on the 2.4 GHz band plus and 1733 Mbps speed in the 5 GHz band. These bands can support connections for up to 20 devices with high-speed internet for streaming Netflix, games, and 4K/HD videos.

Moreover, the 4×4 antennas of this router catch signal with more strength to provide high performance in dead spots of your homes/offices. This router uses a traffic optimization feature that balances the traffic towards every device so that you’ll get a smooth workflow. Moreover, it also includes 2 USB ports that allow you to connect storage devices for data transmission at high speed.

The dual-core processor of D-Link WiFi Router includes a dual-core processor that offers a dynamic wired or wireless internet connection. This router also includes MU-MIMO technology that streams more than one device simultaneously.

The advanced feature of this router is the smart beam technology that allows you to track connected devices; whether they’re getting enough WiFi speed and range or not. Its intuitive user interface makes this router setup easy to manage via your mobile phones, tablets, or desktop. It keeps your connected device’s data safe with its incredible WPA/WPA2 security encryption.

#2. NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi Router


  • Offers WPA2 security support
  • Connect up to 25 devices
  • Compatible with all Windows and Alexa
  • Offers 1300 Megabits s-1 data transfer rate
  • Coverage: 1500 square feet


  • Not fast as other routers
  • Can’t be mounted

This NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi Router offers a reliable internet connection for streaming 4K/HD videos, playing games, and internet surfing connect up to 25 devices. this best router under $150 includes 4 Ethernet ports that allow you to enjoy plug-in gameplay on computers, game consoles, streaming players, and other wired devices.

This advanced-level router is integrated with a dynamic 1GHz dual-core processor, 3 amplifying antennas, beamforming feature, and QoS feature. With its 3.0 USB connecting ports, it allows you to connect a storage drive or printer with any device. Moreover, these ports also allow you to create personal cloud storage so that you can access your data stored in it from anywhere.

The secured feature of this best router under $150 is the WPA2 security protocol that offers access to the Guest Wi-Fi, DOS, Firewall, VPN, and much more features! Moreover, NETGEAR Armor will protect your family’s WiFi by providing an automatic security shield to your connected devices.

NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi Router also offers a smart parental control feature to keep your children away from sensitive websites and develop healthy internet habits. The router is compatible with almost all search engines such as Windows 7/8/10/XP, Vista, Mac, UNIX/Linux, Firefox 2.0, Safari 1.4, etc.

#3. Tenda WiFi 6 AX3000 WiFi Router


  • Integrated with WiFi 6 technology
  • Includes 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Offers WPA3 security encryption
  • 4 dynamic antennas
  • Free replacement: 1 month
  • 3 years warranty


  • Sometimes show poor/distorted signal strength

Tenda WiFi 6 AX3000 WiFi Router offers MU-MIMO, OFDMA, BSS, and 1024-QAM features that work together to enhance your network speed and performance. Moreover, these technologies reduce network congestion and lagging issues during more bandwidth usage scenarios such as streaming 4K/HD videos on Netflix.

The dual-band combines with 1024-QAm technology to provide an ultra-fast connection of this router with other devices. This AX3000 Dual-Band Router offers faster speed and wider coverage via its four FEM modules. Moreover, OFDMA and MU-MIMO combine with BSS coloring technology to connect more devices simultaneously and to ensure co-frequency throughout the area for achieving an optimum, effective, and smooth performance.

Moreover, it covers a wide area via its beamforming technology and 4 dynamic antennas that work together to improve the WiFi signal; thus, achieving wider coverage.

This router includes a WPA3 security protocol that allows safe and reliable data transmissions against violent hackers, forced attackers and other cyber threats. This Tenda router also supports IPv6 and allows you to transfer data between router and server faster by offering a wide range of IP addresses.


  • Coverage: up to 4500 square feet
  • Package: 1x router and 2x extenders
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Offers dynamic mesh technology
  • Easy setup
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity


  • Doesn’t include Ethernet ports
  • Doesn’t support third-party apps

TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System comes along with 2 WiFi extenders to create a mesh of strong internet connections to provide you with unlimited internet speed. Moreover, in such an affordable package of $90, you’ll get a wide coverage router and 3 WiFi extenders that work seamlessly to cover up to 4,500 square feet area and eliminate dead zones in your home/workplace.

The mesh technology of the TP-Link WiFi router is much better than other traditional routers as it optimizes WiFi traffic in such a pretty way that your device never gets overloaded. Thus, you enjoy top-quality speed throughout your homes/office network and keep your devices connected without signal distortion.

The dual-band of this WiFi Mesh network system works together effectively to provide high-speed WiFi. Moreover, the design of these extenders is simple which allows for an easy plug-in connection.

You can easily set up this router by downloading the TP-Link Tether app that allows connection with extenders so that you can enjoy smooth browsing and streaming in no time. The robust parental control feature allows you to limit online internet surfing time for kids and you can also block sensitive content for a healthy internet experience.

#5. ASUS AX1800 WiFi 6 Router


  • Offers 1800 Megabits s-1 data transfer rate
  • Offers 80MHz bandwidth
  • Supports MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology
  • Comes with lifetime Ai Protection
  • Coverage: 3000 square feet area


  • Can’t be mounted on the wall
  • Short power cord

ASUS AX1800 WiFi 6 Router offers WiFi 6, MU-MIMO, and beamforming technologies that allow you to enjoy excellent WiFi speed. With its AiMesh WiFi systems, this best router under $150 offers much better performance than other routers.

Moreover, this incredible router allows compatibility with high-speed ISPs such as Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, and Verizon. This dual-band router offers 574 Mbps speed on 2.4 GHz and 1201 Mbps speed on the 5 GHz band. The beamforming and OFDMA feature of this router spread the signal over a wide area of around ​​3,000 square feet and supports up to 25 devices.

This simplified design of this modern-looking router with shiny stripes along with two red stripes blends it with your interior design. Moreover, the dynamic 1.5 GHz processor offers 256 MB RAM and 128 MB storage.

The 4 antennas of this router work seamlessly to catch enough signals to provide a distortion-free internet connection; even in the dead spot of your home. This router can be easily set up and managed by its network settings via its ASUS mobile app. The app’s user interface allows you to access many functions such as controlling bandwidth, managing/monitoring real-time traffic, and the QoS feature.

#6. Tenda Mesh WiFi Router System


  • Coverage: 1500 square feet
  • Connect around 40 devices
  • Integrated with LED range/positioning indicator
  • Offers WPA2-PSK security protocol
  • Offers 1200 Megabits s-1 data transfer speed


  • Doesn’t include a USB port

Tenda Mesh WiFi Router System includes an advanced level dual-band that acts as a mesh WiFi system to eliminate dead zones in your home. However, it doesn’t include WiFi catching antennas but the dual-band works seamlessly to deliver high-speed internet throughout your home up to 1500 square feet.

This router allows Bluetooth connectivity and works smartly with Alexa, so you can easily give voice commands via Google Assistant to Alexa for commanding connected devices. Moreover, this router allows you to connect 40 devices with high-speed internet connections under optimum conditions.

By using TENDA WiFi App, you can easily manage the features of this Nova Mesh WiFi system from anywhere; even if you’re away from your home. This app also allows you to access a parent-friendly feature, QoS that helps you a lot to make your WiFi network healthy and safe for kids.

The most helpful feature is the LED range or positioning indicator that is specially designed for easy and convenient network setup. This Nova mesh system offers compatibility with major ISPs such as AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon, and much more! At such an affordable price of $50, you can purchase this incredible router mesh system for enjoying HD streaming.

#7. Linksys EA6350 Wi-Fi Router


  • Includes 4 Gigabits Ethernet ports
  • Offers 54 Megabits s-1 data transfer speed
  • Coverage: 1000 square feet
  • Includes 3 USB ports
  • Offer beamforming technology


  • Limited compatibility with Windows 7 and Mac OS
  • Offers only WPA security encryption

Linksys EA6350 Wi-Fi Router offers dynamic connectivity via its 4 gigabit Ethernet ports. Moreover, the 3.0 USB port allows you to connect any storage device with this router, so you can transfer large files within a few minutes. This Linksys EA6350 router will be an ideal choice for you if you want an affordable unit with advanced-level features.

The flawless design of this router blends easily with your home interior and you can easily manage its features via its app. The app of this router also allows you to remotely manage the router settings and quickly connect to the internet.

The dual-band of this wireless router offers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands that provide excellent speeds around N300 Mbps +AC867 Mbps to allow smooth workflow with minimum buffering for the flow of data traffic. You can also adjust the antennas to get maximum internet range for fast streaming of data.

The beamforming technology of this router allows you to identify and directly connect with other devices, instead of spreading signals in a random direction that may reduce your signal strength. So, this beamforming technology will manage your internet signals towards your device and provides fast internet speed with reduced hindrance from other devices.

#8. ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi Router


  • Offers a wide range of WiFi standards
  • 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Incredible gaming router
  • Offers lifetime internet security
  • Accelerate gaming experience


  • Only compatible with personal computer

Most gamers don’t have enough budget to buy a separate router for their gaming consoles. Don’t worry, I’m here with a special offer; for all those gamers who want a powerful and the best router under $150 with advanced level features.

ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi Router is an ideal choice for gamers as it offers powerful dual-band performance that will enhance your gaming experience. The 3 Gigabit ports of this router allow you to connect more gaming consoles with it for enjoying multiple players’ gameplay.

Moreover, this router also offers AiMesh and lifetime internet security features that let you enjoy a high-quality internet connection throughout your home. No matter whether you’re playing HD games, other devices connected with this router will work smoothly without network distortion.

The RGB design of this ASUS ROG Rapture also reflects the status of your network and you can set the lighting according to your choice. By installing NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming service, you can turn your non-gaming rig into a gaming console and enjoy lag-free 400 HD games. The high-performance antennas deliver strong signal strength so that you can enjoy smooth online gameplay.

Helping guide for buying a router under $150

Here is a little background knowledge for you on how to purchase a new router for your home, apartment, or workplace for under $150. In this buyer’s guide, we’ve explained 5 essential points that you must know before purchasing a router.

Ethernet ports:

If you’re thinking of buying a router, then you must consider the number of Ethernet ports that is essential for connecting more devices with your router. Ethernet ports offer a reliable and secure connection to your devices. The number of Ethernet ports doesn’t vary with the price; some routers have 2-3, whilst some have 7-8 ports.

Security protocols:

WPA2 and WPA3 are the major security protocols that your router must have. These security protocols offer safety against hackers and other cyber threats. WPA2 is a little older security feature that most routers have it offers less security against internet scams.

On the other hand, WPA3 is the latest version and works more powerfully than the WPA2 security protocol. WPA3 offers better security by providing a specific key to each connected device so that hackers don’t use online dictionaries for breaking your secured passwords.


The router’s price may vary according to its bands and the cheapest of all is the single-band router that offers a single radio frequency band. This single-band router can’t be connected to many devices due to its single bandwidth.

However, a dual-band router allows you to connect several devices and offers 2 frequencies such as 2.4GHz and 5GHz; both are distributed on 2 bands. On the other hand, a tri-band router is much more effective and offers dynamic technology which infuses with the 3 bands frequencies to offer smooth workflow.

WiFi standards:

WiFi standards pose a great impact on routers’ working capability and also affect your connected devices. So, when you’re purchasing the best router under $150 must consider WiFi 6 technology that is commonly available for routers and built-in modem routers.

This WiFi 6 technology (AX model) will improve your connection by offering 9.6 Gbps over multiple channels that increase your Wi-Fi speed, number of connected devices, and security.

Moreover, WiFi 5 (AC model) is another standard that offers 3.5 Gbps speed over multiple channels but is 250 times less efficient than WiFi 6 devices.

Coverage area:

The last and the most important thing is the coverage area that a router offers. If you’ve a large or small home then a 1500-3000 coverage area is perfect. However, if you’re buying the router for your office/workplace, then must go for a router that offers a 4000-5000 coverage area.

You can also consider the coverage area by measuring the coverage of your place for ensuring a smooth internet connection.

Wrap Up!

I’m sure that after reading this article you’ve got a lot of help for hunting the best router under $150. I know that after looking at the price tags of these products, their features might look fake.

For getting satisfaction, you also check these products on Amazon, we work to provide you with 100% authentic content. We’ve gathered this data from personal experience and factual resources for making your purchasing decision fruitful.

These routers work perfectly so after purchasing any product from this list, you would never get disappointed. Moreover, If you’ve any queries you can freely ask about them in the comment section below.

  • WPA2-PSK security protocol
  • 3 USB ports
  • 7 Ethernet ports
  • Incredible WPA/WPA2 security encryption

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