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Best Motherboards for i9 9900K: Recommendations 2023

Choosing the correct motherboard is very important. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 11 Best Motherboards for i9 9900k, along with our top 3 choices, so you can pick the best one for you.

  • Best Overall

    ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

    Form Factor: ATX
    Chipset: Intel Z390
    Socket: LGA 1151

  • Good Choice


    Form Factor: ATX
    Chipset: Intel Z390
    Socket: LGA 1151

  • Don’t Miss

    Z390 ACE

    Form Factor: E-ATX
    Chipset: Intel Z390
    Socket: LGA 1151

The latest Intel i9 9900K processor has eight cores to deliver magnificent performance. It also provides high frequencies and is integrated with performance-booster Solder TIM.

This i9 9900K has an improved chip and the fastest processor, making it an excellent choice for players and content creators. But as you know, each processor has different features and needs a specific motherboard that is compatible with it. 

But purchasing the best motherboard for the i9 9900K might be a challenging task for you. So, to make this task easier for you, we’re going to enlist the 11 best motherboards for i9 9900K.

These motherboards are the right size and perfectly match with i9 9900K processor. Are you excited to explore and buy these products, then let’s have a look at this best-to-buy article:

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What Are The Best Motherboards For i9 9900k In 2023?

Our recommendations are carefully curated through rigorous research and testing to guarantee that only the top products reach you. Learn more about how we test motherboards & how we test everything.

1. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero
Image: ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

Price: $329 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 64GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎14.57 x 4.25 x 12.28 inches

This best AUS ROG Maximus XI Hero is integrated with a 5-way optimization system that allows you to control every aspect of your system via the intuitive BIOS. You can either manage the settings manually or let this motherboard decide the best environment for you using intelligent sensors and flexible tools.

The best feature is the RGB lightning which makes it different from other boards. You can easily control or change each RGB light individually via its various headers. Also, the system works well with the RGB for customizing the entire ecosystem of your computer and hardware. It overclocks your CPU and RAM greatly with a click of a single button. Moreover, it is also integrated with temperature sensors that control the cooling and airflow for maintaining your motherboard’s temperature.

The performance of this motherboard is just the same as its rival, ASRock, in terms of gaming and clock benchmarks. This ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero is the best option for gamers and content creators as it provides excellent features and specifications for building an all-rounder and dynamic system. It comes with a setup of 2-way SLI or 3-way Crossfire. 

What we liked:

  • Specially designed for 9th and 8th Generation processors
  • Offers dual M.2, USB 3.1 Gen 2, and WiFi connectivity
  • Offers excellent DRAM overclocking stability
  • Includes 5-way optimizing overclocks
  • Integrated with FanXpert 4 for system cooling
  • Integrated with eye-catching RGB lighting
  • Includes pre-mount I/O shield for easy

What we disliked:

  • VRM controller runs hotter quickly
  • Shows issues over extreme overclocking


Image: MSI MEG Z390 ACE

Price: N/A | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: E-ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 64GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

MSI MEG Z390 ACE targets gamers and content creators in a way like no other does. It is integrated with a reflective mirror innovative design that includes RGB lighting. These RGB lights can be customized according to your choice and include more than 16 million colors. However, the type-C isn’t a mind-blowing feature but this MSI motherboard makes it outstanding.

With two Type-C USB connections on the front panel by using its internal headers. This is one of the most valuable additions to this gaming motherboard. MSI has made changes in their M.2 slots for the last few years and makes it perfect. The M.2 slots offer faster speeds than the average M.2. Thus these slots allow its users to utilize SSDs for maximizing their motherboard’s potential. Moreover, to prevent your motherboard from overheating, it has Shield Frozr which is a large heatsink. This large sink makes sure that the M.2 slots work well without heating too much.

It also offers a variety of gaming features such as killer LAN, Nahamic 3 Audio, and much more! This motherboard produces enough overclocking and delivers consistent power to the core quickly. It also supports SLI and Crossfire designs. The performance shines through under workload testing which means it can handle heavier games and software smoothly

What we liked:

  • Supports LGA 1151 socket
  • It comes with dual-channel DDR4 memory support
  • Includes a variety of connectivity options
  • Comes to RGB having 16. 8 million colors and 29 effects
  • Specially designed for hardcore gaming
  • Offers extreme overclocking

What we disliked:

  • Doesn’t include RGB backlight
  • Antennas are required for Bluetooth and WiFi

3. Asus Prime Z390-A Motherboard

ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard
Image: ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard

Price: $237 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 64GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎12.91 x 2.68 x 10.35 inches

Prime Z390-A motherboard delivers ultimate performance and offers customizable style. The 5-Way optimization offers AI system overclocking and a dynamic fan for producing cooling. While the dual M.2 and USB 3.1 Gen2 ports offer the highest transfer speeds. RGB lighting has addressable headers that allow you to customize your build. The 4 PCI 3.0/2.0 bandwidth ports, support around 32Gbps data-transfer speeds. This motherboard will be the perfect choice for OS or application drives as it provides the fastest access to data.

Also, via its rear USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A and USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C ports, you can connect much more devices with it. The devices connected with this motherboard will get blazing data-transfer speeds of around 10Gbps. With OptiMem II technology maps memory signal pathways within different PCB layers for reducing vias. Also, it adds shielding zones for reducing crosstalk.

Moreover, for further enhancing overclocking, it is integrated with a customizable T-Topology layout. This layout delivers time-aligned signaling for increasing overclocking. Each header includes 3 thermal sensors. The Fan Xpert 4 allows you to check the temperature of supported graphics cards so that you can optimize GPU cooling and CPU workload. The unique audio codec design works together with the Realtek S1220A.

What we liked:

  • Offers maximum connectivity ports
  • Offers better overclocking for DRAM support
  • The hardware includes 5X Protection
  • Integrated with FanXpert 4 technology
  • Patent-pending Safe certified PCIe slots
  • Comes with an 8-channel Audio Codec

What we disliked:

  • The metal plate covering the I/O port area is problematic

4. Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming

Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming
Image: Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming

Price: $385 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 64GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎13.5 x 3.03 x 10.75 inches

Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming comes with the best overclocking module which is AI Suite’s 5-Way Optimization system. This system is updated for the Z390 motherboard so that it can overclock the CPU via smart prediction and thermal telemetry. The new version of the 5-way optimization system quickly delivers overclocking which would usually take days if you do it manually. It is integrated with a durable pair of PWM/DC fan headers that provides CPU cooling.

Moreover, it includes a durable PWM/DC header that offers water-cooling to the CPU. It also includes a header that supplies over 3A power to the PWM or DC water pumps. The SupremeFX audio codec delivers a flat frequency for emitting a balance and detailed sound. The front panel of this motherboard is integrated with dual op amps that deliver sonics with the scale and control to create virtual worlds real via your headset.

This ROG Strix motherboard offers high performance and superior aesthetics to compete with its competitors. It also includes RGB lighting that is integrated with a variety of preset functions for the RGB LEDs, strips connected to the board, and RGB header.  Moreover, the SafeSlot of this motherboard offers strong retentions and shearing resistance for PCIe devices. Also, the Q-DIMM clips of this board allow you to handle the memory modules safely and easily.

What we liked:

  • Includes maximum connectivity options
  • Integrated with onboard 802.11AC WiFi card
  • Support Windows 10 64-bit OS
  • Integrated with the best thermal optimizing system
  • Includes over current protection slots
  • Easy to install

What we disliked:

  • RMA support is terrible
  • BIOS might be buggy



Price: $338 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 128GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎13.18 x 10.62 x 3.14 inches

The GigaByte AORUS Z390 motherboard is specially designed by keeping in mind the thermals and speed so that the user can get the most out of this Intel 9th generation processor. The Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI motherboard uses a 12+1 phase digital VRM for the CPU. also, it includes additional 8+4 solid-pin CPU dynamic connectors that allow you to enjoy the maximum performance of this new 9th Gen Core processor. Moreover, it also provides smooth video streaming and an enhanced gaming experience by offering speeds of around 1.73Gbps.

The Smart Fan 5 feature of this motherboard makes sure that your PC works well and performs smoothly during heavy workloads or gaming. The Smart Fan 5 allows you to interchange this motherboard fan header so that thermal sensors will be assigned at different locations on the board. This arrangement of thermal sensors offers a high flow rate and maintains the motherboard’s temperature. Digital LEDs shine beautifully and you can also adjust their lightning or color. So, this feature allows you to paint your system with bold colors via RGB support.

Moreover, this best motherboard for i9 9900K also offers a thermal solution for M.2 SSD devices and makes them more durable. Also, the M.2 Thermal Guard reduces the system’s throttling and bottlenecks because of the high-speed M.2 SSDs dissipating heat. This AORUS motherboard is protected by layers of an Integrated I/O shield. Moreover, the memory armor and PCIe armor allow you to build a strong foundation for your gaming systems.

What we liked:

  • Includes dual-channel DDR4
  • Integrated with 12+1 digital VRM phases
  • Comes with multi-cut heatsinks and a heat pipe.
  • Offers Bluetooth 5 and WiFi technology
  • Integrated with Alc1220 vb microphone enhancer
  • Includes addressable LED and RGB strips

What we disliked:

  • BIOS isn’t better than ASUS

6. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge
Image: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge

Price: $339 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 128GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

This MSI motherboard takes protection and durability to a new level as it provides more secure coverage for the layers of its PCIe slots. Moreover, these PCle slots are armored with reinforced steel to protect them. This best motherboard for i9 9900K is great for GPUs because it heavily reduces any strains on the slot or motherboard as well. The steel body of PCle slots keeps any size or weight of the GPU in place without damaging the GPU or the motherboard. Audio Boost 4 technology enhances audio quality to the maximum via its Nahimic audio software. This incredible motherboard offers high-quality audio and voice performance during gameplay.

Moreover, it also supports 7.1 virtual surrounding sound. So, this audio boost 4 provides an enhanced gaming experience with an immersive audio feel. It is a mid-sized gaming motherboard for those gamers who don’t have enough money to spend on gaming motherboards.

It provides great RAM overclocking that increases the processor speed. It also has SLI and Crossfire formats and includes a built-in WiFi card. Moreover, it is integrated with the best cooling options at such an affordable price to keep your CPU working smoothly. So, this budget-friendly motherboard will save on space of your motherboard and offers great features that beat its rivals.

What we liked:

  • Supports LGA 1151 socket
  • Integrated with dual-channel DDR4 Memory
  • Includes  4 DIMM Slots
  • Integrated with 2 turbo M.2 slots
  • Integrated with 16.8 million colors or 29 LED effects.
  • Comes with an expanded heatsink
  • Allow you to enjoy multi-GPU

What we disliked:

  • Includes only 2 USB 2.0 ports



Price: $449 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 128GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎13.58 x 11.57 x 3.14 inches

GigaByte Z390 AORUS ULTRA motherboard features a high-quality thermal design to give the best MOSFET cooling performance for enthusiasts, overclockers, and gamers by integrating its cross heatsink with a Direct Touch Heatpipe and thick cooling pads. It allows you to break the GbE barrier with its newest wireless technology, which supports gigabit wireless performance, seamless video streaming, and improved gaming at up to 1.73Gbps.

Users can utilize Smart Fan 5 to ensure that their gaming PC maintains its performance while keeping it cool. Smart Fan 5 allows users to replace fan headers for reflecting different thermal sensors at multiple locations on the board and provides real-time information on flow rate and temperatures. GIGABYTE offers a thermal solution for M.2 SSD drives keeping endurance in mind. The M.2 Thermal Guard helps to dissipate heat before it causes a problem. So, that’s how it prevents overheating and obstructions due to high-speed M.2 SSDs.

The inbuilt Digital LEDs stand out nicely against the monochrome palette of the Z390 motherboard. With full RGB compatibility and a revamped RGB Fusion program, you can paint your system in bright colors. AORUS motherboards are fortified with extremely durable protection which includes Integrated I/O shielding, memory armor, and PCIe shields. These ultra protections provide consumers with a solid base upon which they can upgrade their gaming systems.

What we liked:

  • Includes dual-channel DDR4 and 4 DIMMs
  • Integrated with Intel optane memory
  • Comes with a 12+1 Digital VRM solution
  • Integrated with advanced thermal design
  • Includes an onboard WiFi card
  • The microphone is integrated with WIMA audio capacitors

What we disliked:

  • No significant cons

8. MSI Z390-A PRO

Image: MSI Z390-A PRO

Price: $269 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 128GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

MSI Z390-A PRO includes Heatsinks on top of the VRM to aid in the dissipation of surplus heat. The expanded heatsinks feature a larger surface area, allowing for greater thermal dissipation. MSI’s premium circuit layout and digital power design are combined in Core Boost technology to deliver undistorted current to the CPU with exact precision. With the Z390-A PRO, you will enjoy lightning-fast system boot speeds, quick application response times, and high data transfer rates. For NVMe SSDs, a high-performance M.2 slot can give speeds of up to 32Gb/s.

For immersive audio, the Audio Boost of this motherboard includes an HD audio processor and high-quality sound components that are physically segregated from the rest of the motherboard electronics. You can easily fix large graphics cards that are supported by metal-reinforced slots. These PCIe slots on this motherboard are made of reinforced steel, which means they are much stronger than regular steel.

This prevents the board from bending during 2-way AMD crossfire installations, ensuring the safety of your board and GPU throughout all times. The steel armor secures the GPU by locking it. The MSI Z390-A Pro’s USB 3.1 provides greater stability and higher speeds. They are speedier and more durable than other boards on the market. The USB controller ensures constant communication with no throttling or blockages. It is slightly more expensive than other Z390 versions, but it includes fantastic controllers; designed for enhancing the gaming experience.

What we liked:

  • Comes with LGA 1151 socket
  • Supports dual-channel DDR4
  • Integrated with turbo M.2 for maximizing performance
  • Includes core boosting 8+4 pin power connector
  • Integrated with Intel turbo USB 3.1 gen2 controller
  • Offer the fastest and most reliable connection

What we disliked:

  • Fan speed may show a little issue

9. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon
Image: MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon

Price: $398 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 128GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

This MSI MPG Z390 gaming pro carbon motherboard is designed to offer a complete gaming experience. This best motherboard for i9 9900K features turbo M.2 slots that are compatible with Intel Optane memory, shield frozr 2, and turbo USB 3.1. All of the features add up to a fast system that can handle everything you throw at it. So, if you’re playing heavy games or even using heavy software on your PC having this motherboard, still works smoothly. The board ensures endurance by including a robust I/O shield that can’t be removed, and the shield is extremely strong and protects all of the rear I/O components in all situations. It provides superior EMI protection and is useful during motherboard installations.

MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon is compatible with Intel Core processors of the 8th and 9th generations. It is reasonably priced and provides exceptional value for money. The board features excellent CPU overclocking capability and temperature sensors throughout the motherboard for keeping its temperatures constant.

It does have some restrictions, such as fewer I/O board USB headers than its competitors and limited RAM overclocking. However, these features should not be bothered because the pricing is incomparable. The features and performance are satisfactory, and it is an excellent piece of hardware for gamers seeking CPU overclocking without using any accelerators.

What we liked:

  • Supports 9th and i8th Generation Intel processors
  • Comes with dual-channel DDR4 Memory support
  • Integrated with audio boost 4 having Nahimic 3
  • Includes M. 2 Shield frozr 
  • Comes with pre-installed I/O shield
  • LED light includes 16. 8 million colors or 29 effects
  • Atx motherboard perfectly designed for Multi-GPU

What we disliked:

  • Fewer headers over the I/O panel
  • Offer limited RAM overclocking

10. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming

ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming
Image: ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming

Price: $234 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 64GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎12.91 x 2.09 x 10.34 inches

ASUS’ PCIe safe slot has been redesigned and built to provide improved stability and durability for your graphics card. SafeSlot, which is manufactured in a single step using a revolutionary insert-molding method, incorporates reinforcing metal for an intrinsically stronger slot, which is then firmly fastened to the PCB via additional solder points. TUF Chokes, which are certified military-grade, provide constant power to the CPU, which aids in system stability.

TUF Capacitors have a temperature tolerance of +20% and a lifetime of 5X. The MOSFETs come with reduced RDS that have been military-grade certified. TUF LANGuard is a military-grade technology that combines superior signal-coupling technology with superior surface-mounted components to boost throughput while shielding the motherboard from lightning strikes and short circuits.

TUF Gaming motherboards come with Fan Xpert 4 software, which uses a variety of sensors, including the temperature of ASUS graphics cards, to intelligently manage system fans. No matter how long you play, thanks to your TUF Gaming system that will remain wonderfully cool throughout your gameplay. The OptiMem II technology precisely maps memory signal routes across several PCB layers. In addition, the T-Topology structure provides time-aligned signaling to further increase overclocking tolerance for perfectly managing fully stacked RAM setups. Thus, this motherboard will be the best choice in all aspects.

What we liked:

  • Offers maximum connectivity and high speed
  • Integrated with military-grade TUF components
  • Includes safe slot and FanXpert 4
  • Integrated with the dynamic cooling system
  • Includes 8-channel audio codec
  • Offers memory stability and enhanced performance
  • Comes with detailed and well-organized BIOS

What we disliked:

  • Limited fan headers
  • Bulkier machinery

11. ASRock Z390 Taichi

ASRock Z390 Taichi
Image: ASRock Z390 Taichi

Price: $249 | Buy now from Amazon

Form Factor: ATX | Chipset: Intel Z390 | Memory: 64GB DDR4 | Socket: LGA 1151 | Size: ‎12.2 x 14 x 3.5 inches

When it comes to mid-range, price-to-performance, ASRock’s Taichi-branded motherboards frequently reach the ideal sweet spot. The ASRock Z390 Taichi continues this trend and provides the ideal fusion of outstanding build quality, excellent power delivery, and a variety of features that make it a wise pick for your 9900K-based gaming PC. The Z390 Taichi’s VRM design, which should be regarded as above average in terms of Z390 motherboards, is its strongest feature.

Indeed, it cannot compete with some of the most expensive Z390 boards, such as the Strix Z390-E, but it is still capable of supporting the i9 9900K at stock settings or with moderate overclocks. While utilizing this board, one shouldn’t expect to break any 9900K overclocking records. A balanced combination of features and advantages is also provided by the Z390 Taichi. The first thing to note is that this is one of the few Z390 motherboards featuring three M.2 slots, which is fantastic for a mid-range board.

Additionally, it has plenty of USB ports, USB 3.1 gen 2 connections, 6 SATA ports, and Gigabit Ethernet for communication. This board lacks WiFi as well, but at this price, it’s not a big deal. If you’re trying to find that sweet spot in the mid-range market for Z390 boards, the ASRock Z390 Taichi is the best overall motherboard for the i9 9900k. Although it does make a few little compromises here and there, none of them significantly diminish the board’s functioning, making it a fantastic buy at this price.

What we liked:

  • Offers dynamic power delivery
  • Integrated with 3 M.2 slots
  • Offers powerful connectivity options
  • Budget-friendly choice

What we disliked:

  • Doesn’t include RGB
  • Doesn’t include a WiFi card

Bye Bye!

I hope that after reading this article, you’ve got enough information regarding these best motherboards. Moreover, buying the best motherboard for your Intel i9 9900k processor isn’t an easier task. But these 11 best recommendations are the top picks in the market and will elevate your CPU working to the next level.

So, pick any product from the list that best suits your needs and budget and enjoy the maximum potential of your i9 9900K processor.

Also, if you’ve any queries regarding these products then let us know in the comment section below.

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Which RAM works Best with an i9 9900k?

The i9 9900K is compatible with a variety of RAM modules. The extreme performance required by the i9 9900K is delivered by the Corsair Vengeance LPX. Corsair Vengeance RGB is another alternative that is reasonably priced and incorporates RGB lights to spice up your system. Moreover,  GSkill Trident Royal Gold also has a gorgeous appearance. So, any DDR4 RAM with a capacity of 16GB or more would be the best for the i9 9900K processor.

What distinguishes the i9 9900k from the i9 9900KF?

There isn’t much difference between the two. The latter lacks integrated graphics whereas the I9 9900K has them. Both offer comparable performance, with a little noticeable variation.

How durable is the i9 9900k?

If you want your computer to last between five and seven years, then you can buy an i9 9900K processor.

Which would I buy Intel i9 9900k or 3900X?

Although both the Core i9 9900K and AMD Ryzen 9 3900X are excellent CPUs, they differ in a few ways that make them better for specific customers. On the other hand, if you are creating a PC specifically for gaming, the Core i9 9900K should be prioritized over the 3900X because it is significantly quicker in terms of raw gaming performance. The Ryzen 9 3900X, on the other hand, has 12 cores and 24 threads and is considerably faster when it comes to the editing or streaming tasks of the CPU. The decision between the two hence mainly relies on the extent of your workload.

Which motherboard is ideal for the i9 9900K?

The ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero motherboard is the one you should purchase if you’re searching for the best motherboard on this list. It gives a tonne of performance and is by far the finest motherboard you have ever tried for the i9 9900K.

This article was originally published on Jan. 18, 2023

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