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The 10 Best Highest Paying Jobs in Tech for 2023

Today here I am for discussing which are the best highest paying jobs in tech. This prediction will help you to choose the best job career.

All the jobs listed here are predicted by seeing the now situation of the world, as technology so rapidly envelops day-to-day lives, so that is why most of the jobs are IT-related.

Editor Note: All below-listed salaries are average pay in the US and reported by real employees to Glassdoor, Payscale, Indeed, and several other resources.

Let’s dive into the list!

What Are The Top Highest Paying Jobs in Tech for 2023?

1. Data Scientist: $125,053/yr

A data scientist is a specialist, who makes use of different statistical methods, data analysis techniques, and machine learning to know and analyze data to arrive at crucial business outcomes. The data scientist should be proficient in Microsoft Excel, SQL, and programming languages like Python, R, and Java.

They should be good at machine learning and deep learning concepts and familiar with apache, hive, pig, and spark. Companies hiring data scientists include shell, Facebook, Halliburton, and Google. It’s one of the best highest-paying jobs out there.

2. Product manager: $127,767/yr

Another in the list of best highest-paying jobs is Product Manager. They are tied to the product development of an organization. It oversees the success of a product and supervises its improvement.

Product managers are the brains behind the business strategies of a product. The product managers must be strategic thinkers, they should understand data business competencies and market trends.

They must be technically sound with respect to their industry. Fargo, Oracle, Hitachi, and Apple hire product managers in the US.

3. Cloud Architect: $197,458/yr

A cloud architect is an information technology expert, who supervises an organization’s cloud computing system and works on cloud application designs. Cloud architects work with DevOps engineers and developers to ensure that the right technology is being built. They should know cloud computing technologies like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

They should be proficient in programming languages like Java, Python, and C-sharp. The must-know tools such as Kubernetes and Docker. Companies like Google, Amazon web services, Unisys, and Oracle hire cloud architects.

4. Full Stack Developer: $86,245/yr

A Full Stack Developer works with both the front and back ends of a website. They tackle projects that involve building user-facing websites and work with clients during the planning phase of a project. To become a full-stack developer you must know HTML and CSS. You should also be proficient in javascript and its frameworks.

You need to be familiar with server-side languages like Ruby, PHP, Python, and Net. Finally, you must know how to work with MySQL, Oracle, and MongoDB. Companies like FedEx, Accenture, and IBM actively hire full-stack developers.

5. Big Data Engineer: $116,878/yr

Big data has been a revolution in every business sector over the last 10 years. It stores processes and analyzes data. They develop design, test, and maintain the big data architecture in an organization. It has in-depth knowledge of Hadoop, spark, RDBMS, and NoSQL.

They should have hands-on experience with languages such as java and python and they need to know tools like hive and pig. They must also possess data warehousing skills. Companies like Ernst and young Robert half, MasterCard, and Amazon constantly hire big data engineers.

6. DevOps Engineer: $133,173/yr

DevOps engineers work with developers and their teams to oversee code releases. The code and script to ensure continuous development integration and deployment of software. They also automate tests deploy the code and monitor it.

DevOps engineers need to have good programming skills, and knowledge of Javascript, Python, Ruby, or Perl is required. IBM, Zoom, and Deloitte hiring DevOps engineers. Experienced DevOps engineers can earn up to 500,000 dollars in the united states annually.

7. Blockchain Developer: $102,634/yr

A blockchain developer researches designs develop and test blockchain technologies. They build infrastructure and set up security measures to protect against cyber-attacks and help to optimize blockchain protocols. Blockchain developers build decentralized apps and supervise the entire network. A blockchain developer should be proficient in computer networking, cryptography, and data structures.

They should have a fundamental knowledge of programming languages like java and python. They must have experience with blockchain protocols such as bitcoin and Ethereum. Information says’ dell, cognizant, and IBM hires blockchain developers.

8. Mobile Application Developer: $97,275/yr

Mobile application developer researches and develops protocols and applications for iOS and Android platforms. They create interfaces in order to improve user experience. They also collaborate with the product development team to propose new features. A mobile application developer should have knowledge of UI and frameworks in javascript such as react native and angular.

They should be familiar with the concept of cybersecurity in order to develop safe and flawless applications and be proficient in Java, CSS, and HTML5. Holding a few years of experience, mobile application developers can earn up to 230,000 in the US annually. It’s also the growing and highest-paying job out there.

9. RPA Developer: $102,794/yr

RPA developers are experts, who create, develop, and perform RPA systems. They set up automatic ways to enhance efficiency. They look into the deployment of RPA components like bots, robots, and development tools. RPA developers hold a rich skillset and ideally have a software development background.

They need to know C+, dot net as well as scripting languages. You should have a sound knowledge of leading automation tools example UIPath, and Blue Prism. RPA developers earn up to nearly 118,000$ in the US annually.

10. Information Security Analyst: $89,825/yr

Finally, the last job in the list of best highest-paying jobs is an Information security analyst. They committed to shielding computer networks and organizations. They introduce security measures to protect computer systems. Examine security breaches document, then fix vulnerabilities and perform penetration testing.

The skills you should be good at are networking and must have a good knowledge of firewalls proxies and IDPs. Like Microsoft and a few other companies that hire information security analysts in the world.


We hope you find your best job from this best highest paying job article.

The salary is updated in Jan of 2023, so for the recently updated salary please click here and go to the Glassdoor website and type your job name. Thanks!

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This article was originally published on Jan. 1, 2021

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