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The 8 Best Apps for NFT Enthusiasts of 2022

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is expanding day by day and offering the latest innovation in the marketplace. NFTs are one of the best cryptocurrency innovations that offer an excess of prospects for many businesses.

What are NFTs?

NFT is an innovative cryptocurrency token known as a non-fungible token. It is not like common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum that are used for making transactions or purchases. NFT is an object in itself that can’t be used for transactions or purchases and can’t be passed from one person to another. They are a special type of unique digital properties/products/assets that are owned by a single person and can’t be interchanged with other digital assets.

How do NFTs work?

These non-fungible tokens can’t be combined with other tokens. However, fungible tokens can be combined with other tokens and divided into smaller pieces for making larger ones having the same value. For example, a 100-dollar bill is fungible because it can be converted into two 50-dollar bills or ten 10-dollar bills having the same worth. However, the Koh-e-Noor diamond isn’t a fungible thing and can’t be divided into pieces with the same level of authenticity. Just the same NFT work can neither be shared nor divided into smaller pieces.

Top 8 Best Apps for NFTs in 2022:

So, if you’re an NFT enthusiast, but don’t know much about NFT apps or platforms that offer a variety of prospects. Then you’re at the right place, in this informative article I’m going to review the 8 best apps for NFT enthusiasts. These apps will offer unique and creative tools that help you to compete with NFT’s rapidly-growing market.

1: OpenSea- Offer a variety of assets selection

One of the top NFT trading apps is OpenSea which differs from other apps in terms of asset selection. It offers 80 million NFTs for investors and offers an incredible asset range. This platform allows investors to simply buy, sell, and mint NFTs; the best app for complete beginners. The OpenSea app offers a sleek interface that allows you to easily follow the NFT creators in which you’re interested. 

You can also connect this OpenSea app with your web-based account for viewing previously purchased NFTs. Moreover, this app allows you to create an NFT ‘Wishlist’ for getting on captivating assets. You can easily purchase on the OpenSea app as it supports more than 150 cryptos for payment and charges only a 2.5% fee to the NFT seller. After purchasing an NFT via OpenSea, it allows you to choose between 14 different wallet providers for storing NFTs. 

Most creators and digital artists prefer this application for making their first NFT sales because it allows you to access a variety of creations and diverse buyers. This OpenSea is one of the best apps for NFT enthusiasts and is available for both Android and iOS. So, all you need to create a profile and start your NFTs journey. It offers a wide range of NFT categories such as music, domains, virtual worlds, collectibles, sports, utility NFTs, and trading cards. If you’re starting an NFTs trade, then this app is worth downloading that wouldn’t let you experience any hardship.

Cons of OpenSea:

  • Offer poor customer care support.
  • Offer high transaction fees to you because of the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • This app doesn’t allow you to make a purchase, you can only schedule the purchase for later.

2: 8bit Painter- Best app for creating NFTs

Do you want to create your NFTs? Then this 8bit Paint app is the right choice for you. It allows you to make creative NFTs via your phone and you can sell them later. The 8bit painter application turns your images into digital pixels easily and quickly. It also allows you to create new and independent NFTs by using this application’s features. 

8bit Painter allows you to pick canvas size, ranging from 16 × 16 to 160 × 160. If your artwork is based on pixels, then you can choose smaller canvas sizes. However, to import your images and transform them into pixel artwork, you’ve to use a large canvas size. 8bit painter serves as the best platform for creating or minting NFTs as compared to others. 

The interface of this application is easy-to-use and offers ready-to-go creations. This application is best for beginners as it offers simple and intuitive control schemes. Moreover, the minimum features of this app for producing pixel art allow non-tech-savvy people to easily use this app. Instead of downloading random pictures from the internet, this app allows you to create chic pixelated artwork from photographs and graphics for creating your original NFT. It allows you to export data from this to an external storage device; SD card, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Moreover, it offers a “User Color Palette” for saving up to 48 colors for creating NFTs artwork.

Cons of 8bit Painter:

  • Doesn’t offer a crop option
  • You’ve no right to name your canvas.

3: Enjin- Best App for NFT wallet

Like OpenSea, Enjin is one of the famous digital wallets that is specially designed for NFTs users. This app supports multiple blockchains, on the other hand, other platforms only support Ethereum or Cardano. It owns its Enjin Coin and a built-in cryptocurrency swap. It allows you to import other cryptocurrency wallets if you’ve them elsewhere.


If you’re a beginner to the NFTs platform, then you must sign in for the Enjin app that offers you free collectibles deposited into your wallet. By using this wallet app, you can easily buy NFTs and receive payment in your wallet for your creations. This application is growing in popularity and is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Cons of Enjin:

  • The design of this app is outdated
  • This app isn’t an open-source

4: Crypto- Multi-chain support NFT app

When it comes to NFT marketplace apps, one of the best NFT wallets is Crypto.com. The Crypto.com app grow to over 10 million NFT users in past years and proved to be one of the best apps for NFT. This NFT platform is well-known because of its incredible NFT projects offered to investors. The marketplace offers NFTs from different categories such as music, crypto, gaming, sport, trading cards, and much more! It was built on blockchain support, but now it also supports Ethereum-based NFTs. The best feature of this app is that it doesn’t charge any transaction fee on purchasing NFTs as compared to most other platforms. 

Crypto.com app allows NFT users to deposit their payment via crypto or credit/debit card which makes the payment process much more convenient for rookie investors. In the Crypto.com app, NFT is listed in the form of an auction or as a fixed price and automatically transferred to your account post-purchase. You can easily access this app via your browser. This app allows traders to enjoy access to the few cheapest NFT projects on the market in the coming years. 

For beginners, this app’s interface is the best choice as they can easily navigate and buy the digital currency for facilitating their NFT investment. At last, Crypto.com offers the most convenient way to send your NFT to an external wallet, which might be a complicated process if you’re using some other platforms.

Cons of Crypto:

  • Collection of browsing might look clumsy

5: Binance- Offer the lowest fee

Another best app to buy NFT is Binance which offers huge asset collection and large daily trading volume. This platform offers the easiest way for NFT enthusiasts to buy and sell NFTs easily. By using your standard Binance login credentials, you can easily access this NFT Marketplace, so no need to create a separate account. 

You can also access the Binance marketplace via its mobile app and you can download this app on both iOS and Android. The NFTs offered by this marketplace are hosted on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum and offer the lowest around 1% transaction fee for purchasing NFTs. Binance NFT Marketplace provides NFTs based on art, sports, entertainment, trading cards, gaming, and much more! 

It also offers an exciting ‘Mystery Box’ feature that allows investors to purchase a ‘box’ for receiving a randomized NFT collection. This offers a chance for NFT enthusiasts to get a rare asset collection at a lower price. It allows users to exchange crypto payments, for buying digital currency via Binance exchange. Moreover, this one of the 8 best apps for NFT enthusiast also offer a Trust Wallet that allows you to store NFTs; an easy way for keeping your assets safe!

Cons of Binance:

  • This NFT Marketplace doesn’t allow you to buy NFTs via a credit/debit card

6: Rarible- Largest NFT marketplace

This NFT trading platform is one of the best apps for NFT enthusiasts that offers its users a variety of factors. Moreover, it makes the process of selling, purchasing, and creating more convenient all kinds of NFTs a breeze. It offers artistic NFTs and collectibles to its users that make it different from other platforms. 

The well-structured interface, of the Rarible app, makes it popular among beginners and allows them to fulfill core tasks within a second. It allows you to create an adjustable news feed for highlighting NFT trends and monitoring top-notch creators. Also, the filtering system of this app makes the NFT minting process more accurate. This app is designed based on the Ethereum blockchain and allows you to access Flow and Tezos blockchain-hosted products. 

It allows you to pay for assets via both credit and debit cards. This app offers its own RARI token that allows you to participate in content curation and vote on proposals for optimizing the entire system according to current demands. In addition to this, active traders working on this Rarible platform are awarded free RARI tokens.

Cons of Rarible:

  • Offers a high commission of around 2.5% to buyers and sellers.

7: Token. art- Best for showing off NFTs

After collecting a few NFTs, don’t you want to show them off? As NFTs are getting becoming more popular among people, people also want a platform to show off their NFTs. For this purpose, Token. art is the best solution that allows its users to showcase or brag about their digital assets. It allows you to display your digital collections, just like people display their products in the market. 

However, for displaying your assets or showing off NFTs, first, you need to import a wallet either from Ethereum, Cardano, or WAX address. Then this app will allow you to view NFTs in card format. Moreover, this app allows you to arrange or sort your tokens on a traits and rareness basis so that people can swipe your tokens and buy the best one according to their interests. This Token.art app promises to gather all your assets in one place and offers much clarity about each token so that you can buy, sell, or trade for the best collection. 

It supports more than thirty fiat currencies and allows you to manage your assets on their estimated value. Soon, this app will be supported by the metaverse, and allow you to brag about your NFTs collection in this virtual world. You can easily and freely download this app on both Android and iOS.

Cons of Token.art:

  • Doesn’t include multiple blockchains

8: SuperRare- Offer exclusive digital collectibles

SuperRare app offers a huge range of rare NFTs and collectibles that can be perfectly combined with other tokens from well-known and beginning users. As this NFT app was designed on Ethereum, it allows users to issue and sell their collectibles on different trading platforms that are operating on a similar blockchain. 

The interface of this app is well-organized and straightforward. However, for making transactions you’ve to go through the MetaMask, Fortmatic, and WalletConnetc wallets. The biggest advantage of this app is that it keeps you active in both primary and secondary markets. The primary market is suitable for purchasing the latest NFTs, whilst the secondary market allows you to resell your content.

Cons of SuperRare:

  • Charges 15% to its users for listing their work on this platform.
  • Only receive payment via Ethereum

Final Words!

So, this was a brief introduction to the 8 best apps for NFT enthusiasts. I hope that this informative article will help you a lot to find the best NFT app for your Android or iOS devices. Moreover, I assure you that all these famous NFT platforms serve as an excellent starting point for you. So, if you’re eager to start your NFT journey, then must try these NFT platforms. For more queries, let us know in the comment section below, and must visit our website for more exciting articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the best NFTs platform?

According to our research and NFT’s famous users, Crypto.com is one of the best NFTs platforms. This NFT marketplace is famous as it charges no fees for buying and selling NFTs. Moreover, you can easily make purchases via your credit or debit card.

Is it possible to do NFTs on mobile?

Crypto.com or Binance marketplace allows you to buy NFTs on your smartphones. The mobile app of these marketplaces is similar to the browser-based app and allows you to enjoy each feature.

What is NFT minting?

Minting is the process of creating new NFTs on a blockchain such as Ethereum. While minting an NFT, you record the data which includes a new NFT which is later added to a blockchain. For minting an NFT via the Ethereum blockchain, you’ve to pay its cost in form of gas, which is a crypto token that allows you to perform functions on the Ethereum blockchain.

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