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10 Best AI Video Generators: (Text-to-Video) Converters

Choosing the right video generator is important for running your YouTube channel or any social business. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 10 Best AI Video Generators, along with our top 3 choices, so you can pick the best one for you.

  • Best Overall


    Unlike other AI video makers, this AI generator allows you to transform simple text into professional high-resolution videos.

  • Best Overall


    InVideo helps you to create HD-quality videos within a few minutes by using professionally designed templates.

  • Best Overall


    Synths utilize Lip-sync technology that gives your videos more realistic effects. It offers 74 humatars; each having four variants.

All of you understand the power of videos that convey messages to large audiences more effectively than simple text. But video creation would be a time-consuming task and require high-quality equipment, a studio, or editing software. All these things cost too much for newer businesses.

Don’t worry, in this article I’m going to present to you the 10 best AI video generators (text-to-video) that help you create engaging videos for YouTube channels, online marketing, documentation, etc.

These innovative AI video generators utilize human-like avatars to create eye-catching videos within a few minutes easily. They don’t require any editing; you just need to write the text and choose your avatar and create the video.

Wow! It’s so simple.

What to consider before choosing the Best AI Video Generator?

Each AI video generator offers various features. You must compare each software to select the best one that suits your needs. Here are a few key points that you must consider while choosing an AI video generator software:

Easy to use: Each AI video generators vary the others; some are complex, whilst others are simple. If you’re just a beginner and don’t know much about an AI video generator, then you’ve to choose a beginner’s-friendly AI video generator.

Avatar variety: In most AI video generators you’ll see a built-in avatar feature, but some software let you create an avatar. So, make sure that the video creator you choose has unique avatars.

Price: Make sure that the video generator you’re going to choose delivers you the most value at an affordable price. If the video creator offers a free trial version, must avail of it to check whether it suits your needs or not.

Languages: This is the most important point that must not look over. So, before choosing the AI video generator must consider that it supports multiple languages to reach a broader audience. Moreover, software must support and supports the primary language of your audience; which spreads your answer more positively and widely.

What are the best AI Video Generators?

1. Synthesia: #1 AI Video Creator



  • Supports 60+ languages
  • 40 options for a pre-designed avatar
  • Allow you to customize your avatar
  • You can use real voice with the videos
  • It allows you to access the API
  • Create high-resolution videos
  • Integrated with the best editing software


  • Custom avatar feature cost is pricier; $1000
  • Offer limited video length for $30 /month

Unlike other AI video makers, this AI generator allows you to transform simple text into professional high-resolution videos. It offers a variety of customizable templated that make your video more eye-catching. It offers 60+ languages and 40+ pre-designed avatars for just $30 per month (personal package).

You can also customize the background of your videos by uploading any image or video of your choice. It also allows you to attach a link with the video so you can easily share or embed your videos on social media. After creating multiple videos, it offers a feature to combine them for creating a rich slide deck video.

Synthesia also allows you to make changes to the existing video content; you can add text, images, and shapes to your videos. Its corporate plan offers premium quality built-in avatar, 50 slides /video, costumed font styles, and much more!

2. InVideo: Powerful AI Video Creator



  • Offer 50+themes
  • Includes 5000+customizable templates
  • Offers a wide range of music library
  • Offers a free plan with a 40-minute video duration
  • Allow you to export unlimited HD videos
  • Its unlimited package just cost $30 per month


  • Less cloud space around 100GB

InVideo helps you to create HD-quality videos within a few minutes by using professionally designed templates. This video creator also offers a free plan that makes it highly demanding. In its free plan, it offers more than 3M media library, 40 minutes of video time, and 5000+ templates.

But in the free version InVideo watermark appears that doesn’t look good while creating authentic content. However, InVideo’s popular Business plan is specially designed for small businesses and costs you around $18/month.

There will be no watermark on videos while using this plan. Moreover, premium 1M+ media library, and allows you to 60 HD videos /per month. On the other hand, the Enterprise plan InVideo also offers a customized plan for large companies. In this plan, you’ll get customized templates, unlimited footage, workflow, integrations, and much more features!

3. Synths: Robust AI video generator



  • Create realistic HD print videos
  • Easy to configure user-interface
  • It offers 66 languages
  • You can add a real voice
  • Offer full customization options for video
  • Integrated with Lip-sync technology


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • Video duration is limited to 1 minute/1000 words

Synths utilize Lip-sync technology that gives your videos more realistic effects. Synths video creators offer natural-looking lip movement of avatars based on your given text words. All the settings are automated so no need to worry about editing or any technical changes. It offers 74 humatars; each having four variants.

Moreover, it also offers variants in each AI voice’s accents so that you can deliver your message in an appropriate way to your target audience. Synths will allow you to change the position of the avatar, background, spacing, and also the speed of voiceovers.

The basic plan of this video creator; Human studio Synths costs you $39 /month. While for podcasters, there is a second plan Audio Synths that costs you $29 /month and offer immense audio features. But this plan is limited in some features like video editing, avatar, or templates. So, if you’re a video editor or creator then the first plan is the best option for you.

4. Rephrase.AI: Incredible Platform



  • It helps you engage a variety of audience
  • Utilizes Generative Adversarial Networks feature
  • Offer CTA label
  • Deliver 100% human-like gestures
  • Offer a variety of video creation plans


  • Offer fewer features than other competitors
  • Not easy-to-use interface

This AI video generator transforms any text into a professional video within a few minutes; with accurate lip-syncing and realistic facial expressions. This would be an ideal choice for small businesses that want to create professional and engaging video content without hiring a professional video team. It allows you to customize videos by adding music, logos, and other graphics. Moreover, Rephrase.AI offers tutorials and video demos for beginners who feel difficulty in creating a video.

These free-of-cost video creation demos will let you understand the entire process easier. Rephrase.ai offers 2 categories having different pricing plans; Rephrase Studio and Rephrase Personalized plan. Rephrase the Studio plan of this best AI video generator allow you to create video virtual cinematographers, camera people, and actors.

On the other hand, Rephrase Personalize plan is better for marketers and content creators and costs you according to your selected plan; $100 for the starter plan, and the price increases further.

5. Lumen5: Best for tool marketing



  • Allow you to create engaging stories
  • Wide range of media libraries
  • Utilizes NLP and computer vision technologies
  • Offer 5 affordable pricing plans
  • Offers innovative AI features


  • Video time is limited to 5 minutes
  • Position of text/images can’t be changed

Lumen5 is one of the best AI video generators (text-to-speech) that helps you turn your text into captivating visual stories. It helps you to create short stories within a few clicks for keeping your Instagram feed updated. This AI video creator uses artificial intelligence technology to find musical visuals for enhancing your text message into a captivating video.

Lumen5 also offers custom colors/styles, offers 1080p video resolution, and allows you to upload watermarks and fonts. It offers 4 places that vary each other in their pricing and features. The free plan offers unlimited video creation in 720p resolutions but contains a Lumen5 watermark on the video.

However, the creator plan costs you $11 /month and offers unlimited video creation. The premium plan costs you $59 and offers 1080p videos, 15M photos, video stock, and much more! The business plan costs $149 /month and is perfect for large agencies and brands.

6. Designs.AI: 4-in-1 Video Creator



  • You create logos, videos, banners, and more!
  • Offers synthetic voiceovers
  • Allow you to reside video for your platform
  • Offer 4 pricing plans
  • Offer incredible collaboration tools
  • Offer 20 languages


  • Allow only 20 sentences; very short video

Designs.ai is mostly used by many influencers, small/startup businesses, education centers, enterprises, non-profit organizations, and other government agencies. It helps you transform your blog posts or articles into mesmerizing videos. Moreover, it allows you to create logos, videos, and banners within a few minutes utilizing AI designs.

The AI technology this video creation tool uses saves the time and money that you spend on scaling up your content marketing. You can instantly access its four dedicated tools; logo maker, video maker, design maker, and speech maker. These tools offer stunning logos, videos, eye-catching designs, and impressive voiceovers for your brand within a few minutes.

The huge library offers 10M clips, 170M images, 500K audio files, and 50 voices to create intuitive videos. The basic plan of this video creator will cost you $29 /month whilst the Pro plan costs you $69 /month; both differ slightly in their features.

7. Flexclip: Easiest Video Editor



  • The perfect tool for making video ads
  • Offer huge cloud storage
  • Offer a variety of built-in templates
  • Easy-to-use interface for beginners
  • An affordable option for marketers
  • Offer a free trial version


  • Doesn’t offer a team collaboration feature

This FlexClip AI video generator offers a variety of eye-catching and attractive templates. It also provides captivating animation dynamics such as calligraphic texts, logos, widgets, and much more! It offers 2 different modes; one for creating a simple storyboard and the other mode for professional video editing.

The storyboard tool of this video creator is easier to use for the beginner, whilst the timeline tool offers a variety of tools for editing audio, texts, videos, and other features of a video. Flexclip offers 4 different plans that help you to create a truly amazing short video for advertising and marketing your brand.

The easy-to-use features save much of your time, so you can invest plenty of time in content marketing. Inside this FlexClip editor, you will also find a wide range of filters option that enhances the color of your video and makes it more attractive.

8. Pictory: Best for Creating Reels



  • Convert long blog posts into videos
  • Offer 15000 music tracks
  • Allow you to edit previously recorded video
  • Best tool for making reels
  • Generate automated captions/subtitles for videos
  • Offer 3 pricing options with a variety of features
  • Also offers a free trial version


  • Offer Less customizing features
  • Some voiceovers sound vague

Pictory is powerful and allows you to create professional-looking videos from a long blog post or wordy text. By using Pictory, you can easily convert articles/scripts into high-quality videos within a few minutes.

In just 6 steps, you can easily create a video from a long script. Not only this, but it also allows you to convert a blog post into attractive videos or Instagram reels directly via the blog post’s URL. It will let you edit previously recorded videos such as webinars, demos, training, Zoom recordings, or meetings.

Moreover, by using this tool, you can also add text to your videos such as subtitles and captions that make your videos more understandable to your audience. It offers 3 voiceover categories such as males, females, and children. The standard plan of Pictory costs you $29 /month, the premium will cost $59/month, while the enterprise plan has custom pricing; depending upon the features you use.

9. VEED.io: Impressive Interface



  • Allow you to upload video from stock
  • Easy to export and download videos
  • Add automated subtitles, transcribed audio, etc.
  • Allow you to remove background noise
  • Also, offers a free plan
  • Offers tons of templates


  • Automatic subtitle feature might cause issues
  • Editing plans are pricier than others

VEED.io is one of the best online video editors that allow you to create stunning videos quickly and easily. It includes a plethora of editing tools that make editing and video creation tasks much easier for you; no need for editing training. VEED.io offer next-level video editing tools that make it popular among thousands of content creators, marketers, and teachers.

It is the best option for producing engaging content and growing more audiences. This best AI video generator adds subtitles automatically and translates your text into 100 different languages so that it could reach a more audience. The AI music feature of this video creator adds mesmerizing Sound Waves to your podcast videos, promos, video Ads, or other videos. It also offers a wide range of filters and effects that make your videos look more appealing.

The plans of this video creation tool might seem pricier but they offer 2 hours of video length with 4K quality, high cloud storage, unlimited download, templates, and much more!

10. Wisecut: Ease your video creation process!



  • Offer the best video editing tools
  • Add engaging subtitles to your videos
  • Allow you to remove/add background music
  • High-quality videos
  • Offer 1080 video resolution


  • Video uploading/processing requires lots of time

For making your video creation and editing process much easier than before, here I present to you the Wisecut AI video editing tool. It allows you to remove long pauses, add/remove background music, and add subtitles to create engaging videos. Wisecut video creation tool allows you to spread your content to a broader audience with its auto-translation feature.

Moreover, it creates a storyboard based on your input text and allows you to easily edit your video by changing the text. This AI-powered video editor can be used for creating YouTube videos, vlogs, online courses, and much more!

It offers two plans; the basic one is free of cost, while the professional one will cost $57 /per month. The basic plan will let you make 45 minutes video in 720p resolution. However, if you subscribe to the professional plan, you can quickly make 300 minutes videos in HD quality with auto-translated subtitles and more!

That’s a Wrap!

With the advancement in AI technologies, it becomes easier to make text-to-video content without spending many hours. Other video editing tools are difficult to use and time-consuming, especially when you need to create content on daily basis.

So, whether you’re running a massive business, or you’re a blogger, you must try this AI video. These video creation tools will surely save you time and let you create a creative and engaging project for your audience.

Moreover, these tools will increase traffic on your social websites and generate immense leads and sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which AI video editor is the best one?

If you want to convert a blog post, article, or longer text into an engaging HD video within a few minutes, then you must try the top 3 best AI video generators, which are:

Does an AI video generator create original videos?

When you insert the original text/script, all these AI video generators will create 100% original videos. The total output will depend on the input you provide in the form of text. However, the resolutions may vary for different video creators.

Which one is the best free AI video generator?

InVideo is the best AI videos generator as its free plan includes full editing features and allows you to export up to 60 videos /month.

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