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Best AI Assistants: Ranked and Reviewed (2022)

Choosing the right AI assistant is important for running your tech lifestyle. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 10 Best AI Assistants, along with our top 3 choices, so you can pick the best one for you.

  • Best Overall


    If you’re an iPhone or Apple device user, you have an idea about Siri AI assistant that does tough tasks more conveniently.

  • Best Overall

    Google Assistant

    Google Assistant is one of the best AI assistants
    that is written
    in the C++ programming language.

  • Best Overall

    Amazon Alexa

    Alexa works well with Android, iOS, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers, PCs, and laptops.

This advanced era of technology has introduced AI assistants which may also be called AI virtual assistants or digital assistants. Cloud program understands your voice commands to perform tasks from anywhere and is designed specially to make your busy life easier.

An AI assistant can replace most human tasks via an automatic machine such as Alexa. There is a variety of AI voice assistants that differ from each other in their programs such as machine learning, speech detection sources, and NLP.

For most non-tech-savvy people, choosing the best AI assistant would be a daunting task for them. Because each AI assistant has different capabilities and working styles, so choosing the best one isn’t easy for you. Don’t worry, in this article I’ve covered 10 top-notch AI assistants that improve your living style and fulfill all your needs.

What are the best AI Assistants?

1. Siri: Apple’s AI Assistant



  • Dictates messages via speech-to-text
  • Offers non-English languages
  • Reminds important things
  • Keep you in touch with the latest news
  • Allow you to make/receive calls
  • Post Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram status
  • Play media via Airplay
  • Control your home’s smart devices
  • Help you in doing your homework


  • Requires continuous internet connection for working
  • You may face little listening issues
  • Translate maps only in English
  • Navigate in English only.

If you’re an iPhone, iPad, or some other Apple device user, you have an idea about Siri AI assistant that does tough tasks more conveniently. It is one of the best AI assistants and offers excellent functions including navigation, sending/receiving text messages/emails, taking recommendations, making reservations, picking video calls, and much more!

However, it’s not an educational program, but Siri plays a big part in the education sector as well such as maintaining documentation of kids, simplifying the note-taking process, and recording conferences between students and teachers. Siri is the most helpful cloud program for school kids as it can solve tough mathematics problems, and keep track of homework, projects, or tests.

Moreover, it also transcribes lectures from one language to another and helps you in making notes. Siri can work with 21 local languages and 36 different countries languages. It also helps you to translate phrases from English to other languages. Compatible with your smart home devices and help you to change the temperature, manage security, turn on/off lights, and much more!

2. Google Voice Assistant: Best AI-enabled Assistant

Google Voice Assistant


  • Offer text and voice-based entry
  • Help you to find information on the internet
  • Offers real-time translation
  • Help you to control smart devices
  • Offer Google maps navigation facility
  • Allow you to control Chromecast


  • Need continuous internet connection
  • Consumes an immense amount of mobile data
  • Old device’s model can’t avail of its advanced services

Google Assistant is one of the best AI assistants that is written in the C++ programming language. This cloud program supports android, chrome OS, iOS, iPad OS, Kai OS, and Linux. It allows you to control your home via smart home devices, and by giving voice commands you can turn your fan or lights ON/OFF, play your favorite music, turn on/off your AC, and much more!

By using the assistant, you can easily access your calendars, create your daily routine schedules, or set reminders for important jobs. You can open different apps within a few seconds by using this Google Voice Assistant which also helps to read searched content. This intelligent program can read notifications for you and even play games. Moreover, this AI assistant proves to be a good companion when you’re alone and also recommends books, movies, jokes, and series; when you’re getting bored. It also allows you to search for anything immediately with the image search feature.

3. Microsoft’s Cortana: PC Assistant

Microsoft’s Cortana


  • Let you enjoy hands-free services
  • Manage your important tasks
  • Compatible with Windows10, mobile Windows, Android, etc.
  • Offer recommendations
  • Create notes


  • Works with the Bing search engine
  • Windows 10 PC is susceptible to hacking

The biggest competitor of Siri on the market is Microsoft’s Cortana, which proved to be the best assistant. It is an analytical program that uses the R programming language and depends on NLP. It requires the Bing search engine to search online content, or recommend various forms of online data according to your need.

By connecting it with Alexa, you can control Amazon-based smart devices that allow you to rule over your house. It is specially designed to keep in view the privacy-focused feature that allows you to view and edit the details stored by Cortana. Thus, you can control its privacy features according to your wish.

It also allows you to find and edit contact information and you can quickly add new contact within a few seconds. Cortana offers free coupons when you’re looking for some products on the Bing search engine. This AI assistant offers more privacy features over other personal Assistant apps; this feature gives it a competitive edge against Siri.

4. Amazon’s Alexa: Smart AI innovation

Amazon’s Alexa


  • Compatible with more than 100 million devices
  • Available on smartphone app stores
  • Let you enjoy online shopping
  • Unlimited music playback time
  • Easy to operate
  • Let you know about severe weather


  • You may face mishearing issues
  • Connection drop problem
  • Sometimes respond slowly

It is developed by Amazon company, it allows you to search for Amazon products easily. Go through the items list and order whatever you want. Amazon Alexa will let you change your shopping lists anytime and anywhere; no matter even if you’re on the go.

Alexa works well with Android, iOS, Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers, PCs, and laptops. Moreover, this assistant allows you to control your smart automated devices from anywhere. By just saying a wake word you can activate your device which makes it more popular than AI assistants that turn on a device via a manual push button. Alexa allows you to listen to your favorite songs while you’re traveling without any interruption.

It can manage and set alarms for your important tasks quite efficiently. It can also manage your To-Do list effectively which is considered one of the most cumbersome tasks. Moreover, it also gives you real-time notifications regarding sports, weather, news, traffic, and more!

5. Bixby: Samsung’s AI Assistant



  • Wake your assistant
  • Available in 195 countries
  • Offer 10 languages
  • You can take a selfie without touching the screen
  • Share your pictures on Facebook
  • Allow you to control home automation devices
  • Easily understand incomplete/confusing voice commands


  • Absence of NLP
  • Offer limited computing skills

The innovation of Viv is Bixby which is an advanced-level assistant introduced by Siri creators. Early models of Viv looked impressive but can’t compete in the long term with Google, Apple, Cortona, or Amazon. But Bixby offers a wide range of compatibility with Samsung devices such as Galaxy Home Bixby speaker, Galaxy S series, Tab S5e, Note Fan edition, A8 Star, A series, C8 series, and Galaxy Watch. Bixby keeps a record of user activity and offers rich content according to your needs.

Moreover, Bixby supports a large number of Samsung app features and functions that allow you to set a reminder, make/receive calls, customize answers according to the person, and change TV programs or wallpaper.

On the other hand, by pairing this assistant with your home automation devices you can turn on/off the air conditioner, switch off/on lights, and more! Bixby is integrated with cognitive tolerance making it flexible to understand incomplete or confusing voice commands.

6. DataBot: Intelligent Virtual Assistant



  • Also available on Xbox One
  • Uses google searches and Wikipedia
  • Read your daily horoscope
  • Offers voice calculator
  • Offer dictionary assistance


  • Limited language options

DataBot is the best AI assistant and is available on Windows 10, Android, iOS, Xbox One, iPad/iPod, and Windows phones. Initially, it was specifically designed for android but after gaining much popularity among the android and iOS communities it expanded to windows, mac, etc. You can easily download this app from the app store of your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

Its works like Google assistant and answers your questions in text, voice, and other multimedia formats. The most advantageous feature is that it takes information from Google, Wikipedia, etc. to answer your questions. This DataBot app is easy to manage and you can conveniently configure it with other apps.

However, it only supports English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese which might seems a little depressing. But this AI assistant is really helpful for students as it helps you in creating presentation slides according to your command. It provides summary and deep research about your questions and trains your brain well.

7. Hound: Best Music Recognition App



  • Offer speech-to-meaning feature
  • Quickly delivers result
  • Helps to navigate the address
  • Offer Uber calling feature


  • Offer limited features

Hound was designed by the Soundhound Incorporates company that was initially used for music recognition services. But after getting a partnership with Hyundai in 2018, this AI assistant was launched as a virtual assistant that listens and works on your voice commands. Moreover, this AI assistant even got affiliated with Mercedes, Honda, etc. to offer voice assistant technology in their cars.

It recognizes voice more quickly than other assistants and shows your query results after refining the search. It helps to navigate addresses, find nearby hotels when you’re on a trip, check your flight status, and also call Uber service. It also helps you to make phone calls, send text messages, update regarding news or weather updates, and much more! You can easily download this app from the Google play store app or the app store available on iOS. Next, manage its settings according to your need and enjoy its wonderful features.

8. Youper: Best emotional health AI assistant



  • Track your emotional health
  • Provides personalized medications
  • Keep track of your mood
  • Offer weekly sessions
  • Easy to use


  • This app isn’t free
  • App stuck on some smartphones
  • This app is only for those above 18

Most people want an AI assistant that keeps track of their mental health, so this Youper app AI assistants that keep track of your emotional health. This AI-enabled app is getting popular on the market and is available on both iOS and Android. It offers quick conversations with the user regarding their emotional health and suggests them personalized meditations.

Not only just emotional health, but it also keeps track of your mood, and whenever it gets bad; this app makes it better. Those people who struggle with depression and anxiety symptoms must try this AI assistant as it offers special therapies and behavioral coaching sessions. This digital mental therapy app will offer much better medications and weekly sessions than a physical trainer.

Moreover, if you went to the doctor or attend their sessions you’ve to pay around $100, whilst this app only requires $9-36; quite affordable.

9. Socratic: Best AI Educational Assistant



  • Answers to all subject-related questions
  • Best homework AI app
  • Offer the option of hand-written questions
  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Offer precise solutions to math problems


  • Doesn’t offer archived feature
  • Explain simple things vaguely
  • Students cheat through this app

To make your kids’ homework easy this best AI assistant will be the best option. The Socratic app has gained tremendous popularity and understands multiple languages; German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, English, and Portuguese. It gives answers by taking commands via speech or text regarding 21 subjects including English, history, geography, mathematics, biology, physics, etc.

It also allows you to search for your answer by clicking a picture and then posting the picture in this app; saves your time. This app explains the solution to your problems and also suggests extra sources that would help you to deeply understand the concept and process.

This best AI assistant allows teachers and students to participate actively and increase their knowledge by suggesting the best answers. The database of this app holds more than 350,000 questions regarding 21 subjects/topics and the answers to all these questions are present in this Socratic app’s database.

10. Fyle: Best AI-enabled Management App



  • Manage expense lists
  • Keeps track of your credit card
  • Offer live feeds of your bank statements
  • Includes centralized accounting dashboard
  • Keeps record of your expense data
  • Manage your corporate credit cards


  • Restricted for business use only
  • You’ve to pay for using its features

If you’re running a business and looking for an AI-enabled app that manages your business expenses, then this Fyle app would be the best choice. This expense management virtual assistant is mostly used by businesses and is integrated with Google G Suite, Oracle, and a variety of CRM. for expense management.

Fyle uses real-time data extraction for keeping the track of your business expenses. Moreover, it uses top-notch accounting software that manages your payments, credit card, reports, etc. No need to make bulky finance files, because by using this app your finance team easily gains insight into expenses, approvals, reimbursements, and other finance operations. You can easily set a limited monthly, weekly, or quarterly budget by using this app to configure your business budgets.

Wrap Up!

Companies are working to provide more capabilities to these best AI assistants so they can understand and perform well. Moreover, all these top-notching voice assistants offer improved voice recognition technology and make your busy life much easier than ever. I assure you that these AI assistants will surely let you handle multiple complex tasks with more ease.

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Best AI Assistants (FAQs)

How does an AI assistant work?

These AI assistants work by utilizing computer chips, microphones, and AI software. They take voice commands and complete tasks for users. When a user asks the AI assistant to perform a task; it converts the audio signal into digital data, which onwards are analyzed via AI software.

Is AI assistant and Virtual assistant the same?

Virtual assistant such as Siri, Google, Alexa, and other uses AI technology to understand and respond to voice commands. So, AI is the technology used by virtual assistants and both are the same things.

Are AI virtual assistants better than AI Chatbots?

AI Chatbots allow you to communicate via text, on-web chats, chat applications, emails, or SMS. While AI virtual assistants are more advanced than AI Chatbots as they’re integrated with NLP and NLU; responsible for understanding voice commands for performing tasks.

This article was originally published on October. 28, 2022.

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