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Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof? Answered [2023]

Considering purchasing Beats Studio 3 headsets but unsure of their waterproofness? Do you already own Beats Studio 3 headsets and are unsure if you can use them for exercise?

Don’t worry; we have the answers to your queries as well as one more: “Are Beats Studio 3 waterproof?” numerous headphone customers ask this question every day.

To find out the answer, keep reading!

Do Beats Studio 3 headsets have water resistance?

The Beats Studios 3 Headset has a ton of characteristics that make them a desirable purchase, including active noise cancellation, a long battery life, and simple connectivity with other Apple products, but its design is not water-resistant or waterproof. Therefore, you must use these headphones with utmost caution while it’s raining or near a pool.

Like the Beats Solo 3 Headset, the Beats Studio 3 Headsets lack an IPX certification for ingress protection, therefore the company’s warranty does not include harm brought on by unintentional water exposure.

Do Beats Studio 3 headsets have Sweat resistance?

The Beats Studio 3 headsets do not withstand sweat. As a result, you must constantly make sure they are dry. Before wearing new Beats Studio 3 headsets to the gym, you should probably use caution and maybe even second guess yourself. Also bear in mind that moisture damage is not covered by the Beats warranty.

As in the shower, can I use my Beats Studio 3 headset?

The Beats Studio 3 headsets are not appropriate for use in the shower. It’s essential to keep your Beats cordless headsets out of any situations where they can be exposed to pressured or quickly flowing water. Surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and jet skiing are a few instances of similar situations. We advise looking into products like H2O Audio 100% Waterproof if you’re seeking the best bathroom headphones.

Can I Exercise While Wearing Beats Studio 3 Headsets?

You may, but you should be aware that doing so can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your Beats headphones owing to internal sweat damage. Many folks who frequently work out at a gym can confirm the fact that the sweat exposure lowered the sound quality of their headphones and allowed them to pick up annoying outside noise. In addition, putting your Beats over-ear headsets while working out will eventually cause the cushioning to dissolve from sweat.

Check out Beats Studio Buds, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, or Beats Fit Pro earphones if you want Beats headphones that are water resistant.

How to Maintain Your Headset’s Dry?

Please follow these instructions to prevent further damage to your Beats wireless earphones or headphones:

  • When you’re not using them or playing music, keep your headsets dry and out of the way.
  • Make cautious to protect them from any potential liquid spills.
  • To preserve their durability, keep them in a protective case or cover.
  • To make your Beats headphones waterproof, use a high-quality headphone cover.

Final Words:

Beats do not sell waterproof headphones. As a result, the components of the internal headset are susceptible to harm if water enters through the tiny holes in the headphones. If water has damaged important parts of your headphones, it could start to interfere with your enjoyable listening experience.

As we’ve seen, headphones are an expensive accessory, therefore you must remember the items listed above to protect your precious investment. Even yet, if water still manages to get inside your headphones, you may quickly fix them by using the Eject Water solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beats Studio 3 headphones waterproof?

Your Beats Studio Buds, Beats Fit Pro, Powerbeats, and Powerbeats Pro earphones are moisture and sweat-resistant* but not sweatproof or water-resistant. Your Beats wireless headphones’ earbuds should be cleaned with a gentle, clean, lint-free cloth if they come into touch with any liquid, especially sweat from a workout.

Can I use Beats Studio 3 while my hair is wet?

They are not resistant to perspiration or water. Once wet, the drivers won’t function. Instead, use a Bluetooth speaker or a set of headphones that can withstand water.

What occurs if you get water in your Heartbeat?

Your earbuds could short-circuit because of water impurities. This could cause the circuit to burn out or to break, irreparably ruining your headphones.

Can I exercise while using Beats Studio 3?

Although Beats Studio 3 headsets aren’t sweat-resistant, you may still wear them at the gym or while running. Just a moisture-resistant cover needs to be added. Beats Studio3 headsets can be equipped with Earhugz sweat-resistant headphone coverings to guard against water damage, sweat, and makeup marks.

How can I prevent water damage to my Beats?

Gently shake the headphones inside the container to finally flush out any distilled water that may still be present in the parts. After removing the headsets from the distilled water, gently shake any remaining liquid from the exposed parts. Blow extra moisture from the headsets and parts using your breath.

Has the Beats Studio 3 a microphone?

Yes, there is a microphone on the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones. The “b” logo on the right ear cup can also be used to accept or decline phone calls.

Can Bluetooth be damaged by water?

Look around you and make any necessary adjustments to increase the reception of your smartphone because, like any other signal, Bluetooth does not travel effectively through objects like water and metal.

Do Beats headphones have a lifetime guarantee?

For a year following the date of purchase, the Apple Limited Warranty protects your Beats and the attachments that ship with your device against manufacturing flaws.

This article was originally published on March. 23, 2023

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